Saturday, December 02, 2006

Parallel Parking Problems

I have had my licence for 18 months now and in that time I have managed to crash one car badly and another not so badly, but thats not what i wanted to talk about, in that 18 months i have also managed to only ever be in a situation where i had to parallel park twice. Now if you ask me thats 2 times too many. The thing is though, while i was learning to drive, i loved parallel parking i was really good at it and then after i got my licence i just lost it, i don't know how and i don't know when but its gone.

Anyway last night, i was remind of why i never attempt such parks. Kat and I went to get ice cream from a shop on Glenferrie Rd and still feeling confident, well maybe a little over confident and possibly even cocky, about my ability to drive due to my conquering of the trip to the airport on tuesday, I was driving which was quite strange because Kat always drives and i never drive. Anyway that was what was happening. So we drove towards the shop and it was only on my way there that i realised that this trip would involve parallel parking, which i didn't panic about, but decided to take in my stride, anyway as we approached the shop, i realised that might be slightly more challenging than I had thought, due the large crowds of people walking up and down Glenferrie Rd. But still not being deterred, i found myself attempting the impossible, trying to do a reverse parallel park right in front of the shop, which turned out to be closed anyway. Anyway, i fitted in okay, but I didn't quite get in deep enough to get out of the lane, so i spent about 5 minutes driving forward and driving backwards trying to get further in, but little did i know that it was too late to make that kind of change so, Kat and i just sat there laughing while I repeatedly said, i told you i couldn't do it, i can't believe my park is soooooo bad", and then when we stopped laughing and realised it was closed, i took me and my car out of there as soon as possible. Ahhh what a night

Anyway, if anyone wants to teach me to parallel park, let me know coz i am up for it, I would really like to learn....seriously...anyone???

Just a thought I had stay tuned.

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Flic said...

Hey Em,
I'm presuming the icecream shop you are talking about is Trampoline (correct me if I'm wrong). I believe there is a car park behind Coles which does not involve parallel parking. It is only a short walk from Trampoline and we all know how good walking is for you.