Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Something a little fishy

So once a year, sometimes more, but at least once a year and usually in the January school holidays I take Jacob on an all expenses paid trip into the city where we do something a little different, for example last year we spent the day at the amusment thing at crown.

Anyway, this year, much to my delight, Jacob took me out for a day in the city and instead of me paying, he did and it was great. He took me to the Melbourne Aquarium, somewhere i haven't been in ages, and it was seriously it was the best. They had a whole finding nemo exhibit (well i don't know if it is actually called that, but it had clown fish and a dori fish) these massive crabs and in the Jelly fish room it had those lights that make all the white bits of your clothes glow which made my yellow and white dress looked pretty mad. At the end of our day in the Aquarium we went on the ride that they had hich was a lot better than I thought it would be, but I think it was mainly because our seatbelts didn't really work and we were thrown all over the shop.

Anyway, it was a top day and I just want to say that Jake, you did an awesome job! Thanks a bunch!

I will leave you with this little quote from Jake about our favorite fish...
Elvis is dead, but he came
back as a fish

This is a photo of the fish, you can't really see in the picture, but he has a bit of an Elvis do. Maybe Elvis is a fish

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

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Anonymous said...

thanks but i had a great time to.
also their were a lot more pics to choose from but they were the best to pic from.