Monday, March 12, 2007

Old Friends

Have you ever noticed that there are some people that know you inside out regardless of when you saw them or when you hung out with them last? Seriously, have you?

Well a few weeks ago, back when it was summer, for those of you that aren’t lucky enough to live in Australia, the weather was really really hot, and beautifully sunny! And because I was on holidays, I went to the beach! But I didn’t go by myself, I went with two girls I have known as long as I can remember, Kirsten and Phoebe. And even though we haven’t really had all that much to do with each other over the last 3 years, it was such a good time, it was unreal.

Seriously, it was so comfortable and familiar, despite the fact that we hadn’t spent that much time together in I don’t know how long! But I guess that’s the beauty of old friends, because no matter how much of your life changes from the outside, who you are on the inside is pretty much the same. I found this quote the other day and it says…

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with
them. Ralph Waldo Emerson
...and that’s what it was like, of course I am stupid all the time, but I am really stupid with them and its great.

The other great thing is it’s a bit like a bad TV soap, you how you don’t have to watch it for weeks, maybe even months at a time, but it take about 5 minutes and the story is clear… Well that’s what I reckon an old friend is like.

Anyway we went to the beach and had breakfast in downtown Inverloch (Which I don’t think that pheebs was very sure about), ate ice cream and pretty much did what ever we want. And I tell you what, that’s the life!

Sorry this blog has taken soooooo long to get up, but its here now!

The World is Such a Funny Place.

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fee said...

well well well. i remember when you guys used to be inseparable. and i was so cool back in those days. oh, i still am...
love that you guys have a great time together.
am waiting for more things to be crossed off the list though...
love ya