Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I love camps seriously, and it’s weird because between camps I always manage to convince myself that they are bad and that the next one will be rubbish. Its weird, and I don’t know why I do it, but not last weekend but the weekend before (labour day weekend) I was on a Camp and I kinda had this “uh oh” feeling about it and I had convinced myself that is wasn’t going to be good. But I tell you what it was awesome!

I really like camps it turns out (which doesn’t actually surprise me).

I like being a bum and not getting dressed up, I like being silly and staying up late and I LOVE camp food! I love having nothing else to do but hang out with my friends and play stupid games! And I love learning stuff from new people! Sometimes I wish I could just live like I am at camp forever. But I guess that’s what makes camps so good, its such a relatively short time, but it soooo different from reality and its refreshing!

Anyway here are some photos from camp….enjoy

Kirsten and Philps...

Davo and IKirsten and Pheebs Amanda and I

And maybe before I go on my next camp I should re-read this blog

The world is such a funny place.

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