Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dad, Ikea and the Spaceship Saab,

Well over the last week and a bit, I have been lucky enough to have my Dad home from china, but this morning bright and early (5am to be exact) we had to take him to the airport and say goodbye again. And as much as it sucks that he has to go back, its been nice having him around. I know that sounds werid, but its true, when he is back our family is complete again and even though we fight and yell at each other its like it used to be and i like that!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about a lovely day that I had last week and because it was with Dad I thought there was no better day but today!

Last Tuesday morning Dad and I went out for breakfast at bridge road in richmond which was lovely. Seriously there is nothing better than going out for breakfast. Its nice to stop before they day has even started and just enjoy yourself! Anyway as if that wasn't enough I also got to go to Ikea which, in my personal opinion, is the best shop in the whole world! Seriously i love Ikea, one day i will have a whole ikea house! While we were at ikea we had to get some things for home, including 2 bookselves and 2 "tall boys" or chests of drawers, so that we did, not really thinking about how we would get them home.

So once we had made our purchases we went and got the car and being a fairly small car we did have a few concerns as to how the bookshelves were going to fit into the car as well as Dad and I! But once again, my little spaceship saab amazed me with the amount of things I can fit in the boot, seriously its a machine, i love it! With the back seats down, and my seat (the passenger seat don't stress) pushed all the way forward and the seat back on a very odd angle everything fited and we headed home. Mind you I did get a few werid looks bent over my airbag at a 45degree angle! But it was fun and well worth it! Thanks Dad!

The world is such a funny place.

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