Friday, June 08, 2007

Fully Charged

Why don't thinks come fully charged...the other day I brought myself a new emjoi...well not the other day it was like two weeks ago now and it is still sitting there unused because I have to charge it for only 16 hours, not more, not less! Do you know how hard it is to find a time when you are going to be back 16hours later?

I was really excited about my new emjoi, its cordless and white and yellow and very cool and I was already to use it have lovely nice legs, but no...i have to charge it, so there it sits, uncharged in the corner...

Seriously, its soooo annoying, i don't understand why they can't just come with one charge ready to would make everyone sooooooooo much happier! Its like including batteries, it never happens but when it does, isn't it just the best! Its like most of the keyboards we sell at work, they don't come with power supplies, its just useless and annoying and all the customers get mad at me when I tell them! They tell me "you wouldn't buy a kettle with out a power cord, so why don't keyboards come with one?????" and I say I know its silly, but they just don't! But what i really feel like saying is I know its sooooo dumb and annoying they have let everyone down by doing it....whats the point in supplying a keyboard if you can make it work!

so the moral of the story is if you ever manufacture something...send it out charged and ready to go...its just annoying if you don't!


Dave said...

it's annoying but people would be angry if you just put an extra $20 on the price.

you could get up when your first alarm goes off and charge it at 7am until 11pm, or 8-12 you are up then, do it then.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya about the keyboards. Thanks to your fine customer service I didn't encounter that problem...but I could have.

Dave said...

it is charged now