Monday, November 05, 2007

Exams, Exams, Exams

Today I had my 2nd and final exam for this semester, and I am very grateful they are over...but I realised over this exam period that there are lots of things about exams that fascinate is just a few...

Why do I get soooooo stressed about 2hours, how can so much so much anxiety get crammed in to that small amount of time? Why can I never see that stressing wasn't worth it? Is just because I think I have to be stressed or I am not ready? Do I really honestly believe that all the hardest questions I can possibly think of will be on the exam? Is is just me that is sooooo irrational about exams?

Where do the exam supervisors come from? Do they get paid? What do think about during the exams? Are the worried about what they could have done with all that time? Do they actually care if people cheat? and do they think its weird that they have to follow students to the toilet? Is their worst nightmare a group of students going out to lunch before and having bad chicken meaning a mass toilet trip that they might not be able to control? Do they really like being stuck in a stuffy room handing out tissues?

What is the rule about food, can you or can't you take it in? I always get so confused because some people have food, but I am always to scared to take it in myself, but I tell you what a snack halfway would hit the spot. How do the people with food consume it so quietly? Is there the perfect food to have during an exam? As a nutrition student could having food be considered cheating?

Have you ever noticed all the little exam quirks people have? Why to people line up their pens? How can people only bring in one pen? Why are there people like me who bring hundreds of pens and two of every other kind of stationary? Why does everyone put their water in the same corner of the table? Why do some people take there shoes off?

I don't know...but its just want I thought about during and between my exams, all that matters now is that they are over, and so begins my lovely and long uni break!

Proverbs 24:3-4 "By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures."

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Flic said...

Just to help answers a couple of your questions...

Being someone who stationery-wise only takes 3 pens (blue, black and red), 1-2 greyleads (2 for exams with multiple choice questions), an eraser and a sharpener, as well as 1 calculator (and no spare batteries for uni exams, only did that in yr 12) into exams, I thought I would try and explain to you why I take apparently so few stationery items into an exam. I can see the amount of ink that is left in my pens. There is no way that the ink will possibly run out during an exam and if for some unknown reason my blue pen does malfunction, there is always the black one if necessary. I find that taking too much stationery into an exam just makes too much clutter. An exam is a time when you want to be work efficiently, so you don't want unnecessary stationery distrupting your work.

As for the water bottle always being in the same corner...that is because we all have to put out student ID cards in the top right hand corner, therefore the only available corner is the top left. Why do we all need to put our water bottles in a corner at all, who knows.

Look at that, almost a blog sized comment.