Saturday, August 26, 2006


You may have noticed that it has only been a few minutes since my last post...but in that few minutes I have discovered and enemy in the front lines, some one is trying to silence my blog!

I know who would have thought???? Me???? My blog???? Its never hurt a fly, only brought humour to the world. I am hurt, really hurt.

As I published my last post, I went to admire my work on the work computers and I was confronted with a "network access message: This page cannot be displayed"... This has never happened before, so in my innocence I thought that maybe it was the whole internet was down, so I checked a few other sites...The regulars....Hotmail, Yamaha, I was shocked to find that none of these sites had this message. Not even killsometime, a site made just for killing time by playing games! It appears that blogspot has been blocked! Someone at Billy Hyde doesn't want me blogging, but this is what I say to them...

You can't silence me!!!! I will not be told to be quiet!!! You may have blocked the joy of my blog from my work colleagues but you can't keep it from the world! Be warned Billy Hyde I am on to you and I will do what it takes to bring you down! There will be protests...This is not the end! There will be riots...This is not the end! The will be fist fights...This is not the end! There will be lots of slapping...This is not the end! There will be broken noses...This is not the end! and if that doesn't work I will chuck a tanty and you don't want to see that Mr Billy Hyde...Oh no you don't!!!

Watch yourself

and stay tuned, its for your own good.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey Emma.
I'm starting a new blog! It begins on Monday 28th August. It will not replace the current one but will be different. Make sure you check it out...and a link would be nice too..
Click here


Em said...

Consider it done

Kris said...

I like riots. I'm good at fist fights and even better at slapping. If a riot does break out, concider me in. We'll take those turdburgers down.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!!!!

Em said...

Your in Kris, your in...I will need all the help I can get