Friday, June 30, 2006

Jake's Journey

Little brothers and sisters can be really annoying, they touch all your stuff, dob you in for things you thought they could keep their mouths shut about, and they always take control of the TV, all those little things that just make you really angry inside.

So you would think that a small break from them, for example when they go on a camp or something, may seen like a well deserved holiday for your efforts in trying to practice the fruits of the spirit. Having them leave you in peace for more than an hour is like the answer to my prayers, but when it actually happens, something seems different...

Tonight my little brother Jake is stepping out of his comfort zone and taking the world in his stride, he is getting on a plane and flying far away to meet my Dad in Hong Kong. And to be completely honest I am actually a little bit sad and scared for him.

Going on camp is okay coz I can kinda control that, I know exactly where he is and what he is doing, not to mention the fact that he is with a massive group of people, who I like to think will look after him, but Hong Kong is a little different.

Not even I have gotten on a plane by myself and travelled somewhere I didn’t know, and I know that people do it all the time, I mean look at Fee and Daz, regular jet setters, but not when you are 13. So all I really wanted to say is...

Have fun Jake, for once in your life you are doing something that dust and I haven't so good on ya, I will miss you but please please please stay safe, eat well and no picking up...

Love ya


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ice Cream Sent From Heaven

Okay for the last little while I have been house sitting for my Auntie and Uncle and while I have been living at their house i have found a new love of my life...well apart from my rumoured fiance (see Dave (okay all together now...ahhhhh). Anyway, to become a love of my life the thing/person needs to be pretty special....well I can tell you this thing is very special indeed, it is heaven sent, a gift from above, God's gift to ice cream....COLD ROCK

Now if you have never been to cold rock here's what happens, they mix stuff into icecream, but it is soooooo much more than that. They mix your favourite things into your favourite ice cream, its is a little taste of Kat, Miriam, Dave and I's cold rock experiance earlier tonight...

Miriam had..............Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie and rasberries
Kat had..................Lemon sorbet with Nerds and fruit tingles
and Dave and I had.....Choc Mint Ice cream with gummy bears and clinkers

Seriously you need to taste it for yourself...go there get some and tell me what you think.

However, it may also be the true reason for my fat calves.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned

Friday, June 23, 2006

Fat Calves

Okay heres what I don't get, I am not saying I don't like it, or that I want it to stop, I am just saying I don't get it...For those guys reading this, here is an insight in to the world of girls...

Lots of girls are very selfconsious, whether its their hips, their butt, their thighs, their nose, thier hair, thier outfit, their boobs, their gut, their ears, their hands, their feet, their muscles and thats just a start. But there is one body part that you could pretty much leave of that list and that is the calve muscle. But guess what, over the last little while I have become very selfconsious about my calves, and for very good reason I feel.

Like most people I like to keep up with fashion, and part of this years winter fashion is wearing long boots, so because I don't have any, Mum decided a little while ago that she would try and get me some boots, so as you do in the shoe shop I sat down and took my other shoes off and started trying them on. But as it turns out I have fat calves, and none fitted, so after about 100 pairs of boots, nice ones, ugly ones, tall ones, shorter ones, expensive ones and cheap ones still none fitted, even the shop assistant gave up.

Anyway even though i decided the dream of boots should die, mum did not. So today for some strange reason we tried agian, except this time I was ready. I went into the shop and said "I need some boots, i have fat calves" and the lady said the classic line "Your calves aren't big, we can find some" and exactly the same thing happened again. No boots for Emma, So now I think that I have fat calves, i am blaming my little feet, but I am not really sure, maybe I do have obese calve muscles.

Okay so I guess you are thinking whats not to get??? Here it is.....How does anyone get obese calve muscles, why can't I get boots??? Why do I always see people with MUCH larger legs, i would even go as far as saying fat legs, than me wearing boots??? Is it even possible to have fat calves???

Just a thought

Stay tunned.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

My Friend Flick

Back by popular demand, is my blog...

This week I have exams at uni, which for most people is a slightly stressful time but nothing that can't be handled. But not for me. Uni exams, well any exams or tests for me are not just a time of small amounts of stress, they are times of "bipolar" behavior (in case you had already read this with out the inverted commas, mum wanted me to put them in so you would know that bipolar is an adjective, not a condition from which i suffer), ranging from deep depressive stress, crying, hitting things and more crying, where I am inconsolable and freaking out, to times of absolute madness where when I finally emerge from my room, I don't really know how to cope with all the stimulation... Everything is a joke, I am the funniest person alive and most people think I have lost the plot. Anyway, that's just the way that it has always been and probably always will be.

But it is during my exams that I find out which people can actually deal with my "bipolar" behavior well and help me study and which people can't. Now I am not talking about people that just help me to relax or to chill, I am talking about the people that actually help me learn the things I need to know and that brings me to the title of my blog...My friend Flick.

Flick is a champ, despite my constant pestering, stupid questions, winging and stressing out, Flick is always happy to help me out, well maybe not always happy but she still will ask me questions, tell me I know everything there is possibly there to know and best of all gives me the summed up versions of the stuff I forgot about. So today my blog is dedicated to her, coz when I become emma dilemma, she is my felicity simplicity ,

Thanks flick, you are a champ!

stay tuned... The international mystery caller is coming...soon

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Welcome One and All

Welcome to my blog...

I know this a pretty standard first blog, but i kind of feel that is has to be done, you can't just jump into it, you have to take your time, you know feel the waters first, so if you read this leave a comment and maybe it will encourage me to keep going. But before I go much further i want to just put a little disclaimer...

I have no idea if anyone will ever read this, whether I will ever do another blog or what I am even going to say, so sorry if it is crap.

There you go thats it,

So anyway, I just have one question for today...

When you study for a long time, does the new information push out old stuff or do u get to keep it all? Can you ever run out of room? and if it is possible to lose stuff, do you think that I could accidentally lose my whole childhood by the time I finish uni?

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.