Sunday, June 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Blog

So it turn out that once again my poor little blog has been left alone for too long!

Why you might ask, well its that lovely time of year again...its mid-semester time! So I am sorry about that, but today is a very special day in the life of my blog, today it turns one! and it would have been very wrong of me not to acknowldge it!

So there you go, you have made it through a year of my life, 105 posts, probably that many rediculous stories and dramas well all the ones I wrote about anyway!

I hope you all feel better for being around for one whole year! I know I do....

Anyway off to bed, coz some if lucky enough to have an exam bright and early in the morning!
please note: i didn't make the cake for my blog...seriously i didn't, i just recycled the picture, i promise, i know computers don't eat cake, and that although I would be more than happy to consume one for it, it would not be worth it and as a dietician in training it would also be very unprofessional and a very poor example for all you potential clients...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Fully Charged

Why don't thinks come fully charged...the other day I brought myself a new emjoi...well not the other day it was like two weeks ago now and it is still sitting there unused because I have to charge it for only 16 hours, not more, not less! Do you know how hard it is to find a time when you are going to be back 16hours later?

I was really excited about my new emjoi, its cordless and white and yellow and very cool and I was already to use it have lovely nice legs, but no...i have to charge it, so there it sits, uncharged in the corner...

Seriously, its soooo annoying, i don't understand why they can't just come with one charge ready to would make everyone sooooooooo much happier! Its like including batteries, it never happens but when it does, isn't it just the best! Its like most of the keyboards we sell at work, they don't come with power supplies, its just useless and annoying and all the customers get mad at me when I tell them! They tell me "you wouldn't buy a kettle with out a power cord, so why don't keyboards come with one?????" and I say I know its silly, but they just don't! But what i really feel like saying is I know its sooooo dumb and annoying they have let everyone down by doing it....whats the point in supplying a keyboard if you can make it work!

so the moral of the story is if you ever manufacture something...send it out charged and ready to go...its just annoying if you don't!

Monday, June 04, 2007


Ok, so lets just get these basic facts right, I don’t really like driving and when I do I am not very good at it. Anyway, on Saturday night my driving ability was really stretched…I was going to a 21st and I was the driver for 2 of my uni mates, which was all well and good, but the party was in Altona meadows.

Now being brought up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, my knowledge of the western suburbs is somewhat limited and distorted. So much so that when I thought of travelling out there I wasn’t sure if I would be safe, if I would have my car stolen or really what would happen… but I was very pleasantly surprised, it was nice and quiet, nothing really that different from my own street, every thing was pretty normal and I was almost shocked! Don’t you think it is funny though, that its so easy to judge and area and a lifestyle before you have even been there or seen it? I know I had, but I was so wrong…mind you, the people at the party kept asking us if we had been mugged yet, or if we remember to lock our doors, because they were obviously aware of what people thought of their home!

Anyway, that wasn’t really the point of the blog, all I really wanted to say that I was sooooooo impressed with my driving skills, because I don’t think I had actually driven myself on most of the roads we used and I had to. And after a little bit of panic I even went through both tunnels! I am amazing I know! Anyway…I pretty much just wanted to say that I am the best and with Karen (my GPS) I can drive anywhere…she has empowered me and the spaceship saab to see more of the world!

Oh and I should also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elise…as it was her 21st!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

To The Circus!

Last night as a celebration of Ness’ 18th, I went with the George family to the circus, but not just any circus…Cirque du soleil and I tell you what it was magic, really it was. There probably aren’t many ways to describe it besides magic, but its just amazing the talent and the thought and music and art that goes into this performance its just mind bogaling!

When I was young, I used to wonder what it would be like to be in the cirus, and whther I could ever run away and join, but I decided that it wasn’t a good idea, but after watching the show last night…I might reconsider, although I don’t know what I would be in the circus, because I am not very strong, or flexible and I don’t look good in tights, so I guess that either leaves a clown or an animal, and neither of those are really appealing!

I did wonder though, how do you just join the circus? Surely you can’t just hang around at the end and just hope they’ll let you stay, are you born into the circus or do you go to some kind of circus school? Is there a Cirque du soleil circus school? Have I missed my chance? I don’t know.

But attending such a famous circus also makes me wonder if I can cross no. 36 “Go to a concert of someone famous” off my list, because the Cirque du soleil are talented and famous, and I didn’t participate in the show, but I don’t know if it was a concert…hence my new poll, so let me know what you think, as to whether it can come off the list!

oh and did you know Circue du soleil is Canadian?

Anyway even if I can’t the circus was great!

Friday, June 01, 2007

Gaffa Tree

Have you ever seen a gaffa tree? No? Well then I guess you have never made a gaffa tree then…no? didn’t think so…well I have! And that’s what I did all day at work today (Dave helped a little too), in prep for the big sale tomorrow…wanna see one? Ok here you go….

What do they do? Well the bring joy to the price makers as the prices can then be quickly and swiftly added to instruments and books and what not! I am the gaffa tree maker, its one of my key jobs at billy hyde! Its what keeps me employed here! It is important to know that the gaffa tree is not like the Christmas tree...but you could get a way with singing....

O gaffa tree, O gaffa tree, how lovely are your branches...