Wednesday, May 30, 2007

100 blogs of fun!

Wow can you believe it??? This is my 100th blog! I know 100! I am so surprised I had than much stuff worth writing and it’s almost a year since I the blog became into being!

And it's exciting too because this 100th brings the tale of a fantastic day! Today was my last day of uni for semester 1 of my 3rd year, and I tell you what it seems to have flown by, it feels like only yesterday that I met the girls that are the main feature of this blog, but I have known them for 3 years and they still hang out with me, so I must have picked some winners!

Anyway, Wednesdays are normally our long days but with no assignments or tutes we decided that we would use the day to eat at Einstein’s (the on student association restaurant) which we had been talking about doing pretty much since day one! But as our first lecture at 9am was done by 9:30 we had a lot of time to kill before our 3pm lecture. So we decided that we would go to the Emma court in Mt Waverley because it was nice and close and then come back for lunch! So Elise, Claire, Flic and I found Emma Court in Mt. Waverley with the help of Karen (my GPS), which I think was the highlight of Claire's day! Then we went back for lunch, which was quite enjoyable.

But we still had 2 hours so we decided that Karen could get us to another Emma Street in that time so we headed off again, this time out to Ferntree Gully! So that was two streets crossed of my list, but that’s not where the fun stoped we also decided that on the way home we should stop at cold rock and knock no. 62... Try licorish ice cream off the list! Which I can now tell you first hand, tastes very much like licorish and is not recommended to anyone!

But I tell you what today was a really good day, the adventure were very funny, and nothing beats a good meal and ice cream! I am very lucky to have friends like these guys at uni...i probably wouldn't have made it to the end of 1st semester let a lone 1st semester 3rd year without them! They are very fun girls and I love them to bits and I am very much looking forward to carving up the dance floor (or something that vaguely resembles that) on Saturday night! Thanks for keeping me sain girls!

The World is such a funny place!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

25 years

Today is my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary, so I guess I want to say congratulations and thanks for sticking it out...I know as a family we have been through a lot, and you have had to put up with me for 20 years so surely thats worth something!

Anyway, i think that its pretty cool that while many of my friends families have become broken and we live in a world where thats very common, I have parents that are still together even though one of them has to live on the otherside of the world!

You guys are really commited to each other and to me, jake and dusty, and its nice that after all these years even though Dad is no longer a rebelious green haired hippie that mum wasn't allowed to date and that Mum isn't a boney maroney anymore with her oh so cool butterfly style glasses, and you are both very different in many ways from what you were when you got together, that you still love each other! I hope that one day I will have a 25th wedding anniversary, but not just that, that I will still be in love with my husband just as much as you guys are!

Congrats guys!

Love em

Monday, May 28, 2007

Pantless Bird

So I thought you all needed to see a picture of the bird with no pants as its kind of hard to imagine...
the two birds together...
and the one with no pants...
rest in peace birds!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Two Little Love Birds

First I just want to apoligise for my lack of bloging this week...for that you can blame Mr Deakin!

Anyway, I have a story for you....

Once upon a time there was a little love bird, well not just one, two little love birds because they always come in pairs you know.

No, this isn't another blog about me and Dave, this is a blog about 2 little love birds, like actual love birds.

These two little birds lived not too far away in a house in blackburn, and their names were poco and toto, now normally love birds live a very simple life, filled with love and chatter and more love, but poco and toto's lives were also filled with pain, see while poco was completely satisfied with the relationship, toto wanted more. He was constantly trying to impress his "bird" but nothing he did seemed to work, we learnt to sing a beautiful song, but nothing, he learnt how to swing on the swing, but still nothing, he learnt how to do tricks on the swing, but still nothing. Anyway, in a last attempt at happiness with his sweet heart poco, toto ripped out his pants. Yes that right, toto has become an exhibitionist, and now goes around with no pants on.

Its a true story and it disturbs me very much, well actually only the bit about him ripping out his pants is true, the rest I can't confirm because they are birds, but lets just go with it....Dave tells me the reason that he has no pants is because he really suffered from Aids, the bird variety, which is actually really sad, I don’t know how he got it, but apparently that’s what he had!

Anyway, sadly this tale has sad end! Yesterday these two little love birds died. Not just one of them, but both of them, together, so I guess in the end he did get the girl in an almost Romeo and Juliet type fashion.

I am a little sad at the passing of these two little birds because over the last 2 years I have yelled at them….a lot…they were very noisy, but its still no excuse, so they died thinking that I didn’t like them, but its not true I did like them and I will miss them, especially the one with no pants.

The world is such a funny place!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day (no. 84)

So today is Mother’s Day (HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY MUM!) and to celebrate Mum, Jake and I went into the city for the day (Dustin was at the footy, I know what a disgrace!)

It was a really lovely day, scones for breakfast at kids church this morning, then the afternoon in the city where we went shopping in Melbourne central, checked out the new QV, which I must say is a little disappointing, and even walked to the Queen Vic Markets and checked that out too…as well as indulging ourselves not only in krispy kreme donuts but also in chocolate fondue for two (Jake didn’t get to share) at a lovely little place called Max Brenner (Chocolate with the bald man!) Which just on the side is just an unbelievable place, if you like chocolate go there, its amazing! Anyway the whole day was really nice, the sun was shinning, we were in the city, which is one of the best places in the world and I was shopping, what more could you want??? Don’t worry… I will tell you!

While we were shopping, mum pointed out a pair of boots, and in my mind I thought here we go again, another humiliating winter with no boots, but my dream of owning my own pair of boots had not died, like I thought it had, so somehow mum managed to get me to “just try them on” so I though ok, why not? What’s another pair of boots that don’t fit? So I did… and guess what????? No you will never believe it but…. THEY FITTED! But my rational thought said, just think about this don’t just get them because they fit, lets see what else is out there, and to my surprise we found another pair of boots that fit! A much nicer pair too, so tonight I sit here typing in wearing my new boots, that fit…they aren’t even tight at all! It’s amazing!

I think that to day with donuts, chocolate, boots and mum has been one of the best shopping days my life…

I have boots and that's no. 84 done!

If you are not sure why boots is so important here is a little refresher...or here

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Can someone please tell me...Do I have a big sign on my forhead saying sucker??? Or pick me I can't say no??? Seriously I can't go anywhere where one of those stupid in store creditcard things or charity raffels asks me to be involved!

Take today for example...I went to get mu lunch from the shopping centre and while i was walking, clearly on a mission, one of these people that have there own tables set up (this one was for animal welfare or something along those lines, free the bears!) and I almost got the whole way past when the guy asked me how was i doing? And I could have been just like countless other people and just pretened I didn't hear him, or that he wasn't talking to me, but i knew that he was I could feel it, and as much as I wanted to I just couldn't out right ignore him, but then i was in...I was trapped and he was telling me about this stiff he was promoting and all I could think was, oh my goodness here I am again!

It doesn't matter... all it takes is a smile or a question and they have got me! Maybe its coz I have been in there situation trying to colect for the good old salvos, but I don't think I ever push my self into other peoples conversations. I know its there job, but why me....why always me

The world is such a funny place!

Happy Birthday Dad

Just a quick message for the other side of the world, for somewhere deep in Beijing...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD! Sorry that we can't share it with you today, but I hope that its a lovely day and that you cherish our gift of silence, lol! You'll have to go for a walk into the city and blow your diet on a big piece of cake...if anyone asks tell them that your dietitian says its ok, if you can say it in chinese lol! I love you stacks, thanks for everything that you do for me! You a the best, seriously!
Happy Birthday!
Love em

Friday, May 11, 2007

No. 95

A couple of Saturday nights ago i went and watched Melbourne Storm play, something that I had never done before and was a little apprehensive about actually, because while i enjoy watching most sports that I know the rules to, rugby is not something that I have had a great deal of experience with. But I tell you what there was something that they do at the rugby that won me over straight away, seriously no questions asked! After every try scored they had fireworks! I know... how cool is that? Do they do that all the time??? or was it just some special night??? I don't know but it was great, thanks Nessa for the tickets. What topped it off to was that the storm won!

But here is the thing, do you think that I only get sucked into these sports because the first time I watch it the team I randomly chose wins? Over the last little while I have even found myself listening to the NRL section of Sports tonight, which I would have normally used as a chance to go to the loo and clean my teeth before bed. I get sucked in so easily, I sit there watching just in case they say something about Melbourne storm even though I have no idea who the players are or where there from or even what any of the other teams are called, i probably wouldn't even know if they were talking about storm or not, but still I sit there pretending that i know whats going on because of one fateful night when there was fireworks and Storm won.

I guess its the same way my love for V8 racing started, I watch bathurst doing the girlfriend thing and chose Craig Lowndes (Dave's favorite) and fell in love and now I watch every race and am a member of Craig's fan club. Maybe I get sucked in too easily, i don't know. Does this happen to anyone else or just me?

Anyway the point of this blog was to say that I saw fireworks so I could cross it off my list. But to be completely honest I was a little disappointed that Storm would be my fireworks experience because my view was kind of blocked by peoples heads and the roof of the stand. But....On Tuesday night it was Vanessa's (Dave's sister) 18th birthday (happy birthday ness) so to celebrate her birthday we went into crown for tea. It turned out that the 8th of may is also the birthday of crown casino and on Tuesday night it turned they celebrated too. However, crown does things a little bit more extravagantly than most people so they discided to put on a fireworks spectacular and at the resturant that Dave had chosen we had the best seats in the house and I tell you what it was one of the best fireworks displays I have seen in a while. It was almost like the fireworks man had lost control, but it was great!

So there you go number 95 is done, i have seen the fireworks, twice in fact and both because of ness!

The world is such as funny place!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Dad, Ikea and the Spaceship Saab,

Well over the last week and a bit, I have been lucky enough to have my Dad home from china, but this morning bright and early (5am to be exact) we had to take him to the airport and say goodbye again. And as much as it sucks that he has to go back, its been nice having him around. I know that sounds werid, but its true, when he is back our family is complete again and even though we fight and yell at each other its like it used to be and i like that!

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you about a lovely day that I had last week and because it was with Dad I thought there was no better day but today!

Last Tuesday morning Dad and I went out for breakfast at bridge road in richmond which was lovely. Seriously there is nothing better than going out for breakfast. Its nice to stop before they day has even started and just enjoy yourself! Anyway as if that wasn't enough I also got to go to Ikea which, in my personal opinion, is the best shop in the whole world! Seriously i love Ikea, one day i will have a whole ikea house! While we were at ikea we had to get some things for home, including 2 bookselves and 2 "tall boys" or chests of drawers, so that we did, not really thinking about how we would get them home.

So once we had made our purchases we went and got the car and being a fairly small car we did have a few concerns as to how the bookshelves were going to fit into the car as well as Dad and I! But once again, my little spaceship saab amazed me with the amount of things I can fit in the boot, seriously its a machine, i love it! With the back seats down, and my seat (the passenger seat don't stress) pushed all the way forward and the seat back on a very odd angle everything fited and we headed home. Mind you I did get a few werid looks bent over my airbag at a 45degree angle! But it was fun and well worth it! Thanks Dad!

The world is such a funny place.