Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Okay so let me just tell you bout my day...

This morning I got up knowing that I had to work all day, which sucked, but it was okay because it meant I had more money for Fiji, so I didn't really mind, but little did I know what today actually had in store.

I spent most of the day getting myself ready to say goodbye to my mate Callum, who moved back home to Scotland today (and is conveniently in the photo with me, taken at the airport earlier this evening). So I was already a little sad, well actually a lot sad about it, because I felt like I had just started getting to know him, and then all of a sudden he is gone, which isn't his fault, but its all just a little to fast for me, So Cal, when you read this, remember that we miss yah! No seriously we do.

So anyway, while I was trying to deal with all that, I got a horrible phone call this afternoon telling me that the conference in Fiji has been cancelled and therefore so has our trip (remember coconut boobies??), so I was just shattered. I just can't believe that we aren't going anymore, we were all so excited, its just not fair, stupid coup.

Anyway, so that's my day and here I am sitting here shattered, with a few tears...Fiji is gone and now so is Cal... What will I do?????

Please share any thoughts you have....

Stay tuned.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Emma Divine

On Saturday Night, I was lucky enough to go the Myer windows, and as you might have guessed by my previous blogs, When it comes to Christmas, well what can I say, I am like a little kid at Christmas, so I was very excited to be going into the city, the fact that I got to see the windows too, was just the best. But, I was extra surprised to see that the story chosen for this year was on a character that reminded me very much of, well me.

For those of you that don’t know, the book the windows are based on is called “Wombat Divine” but I think that if they changed that to “Emma divine” the story still be true. Anyway the story is about the wombat that has big dreams and hopes for a staring role in the nativity play, but let’s just say he is not exactly suited for most of the roles…

He is too heavy to play Gabriel…
Too big to be Mary,
Too clumsy to be the Inn Keeper
Too short to be one of the kings
And…just to really hit home…
Too short sighted to be a shepherd.

I know, its like my life story, but in the end it turns out okay, for me, I mean the wombat, because he gets to play baby Jesus, so maybe there are still bigger and better things for me. If you haven't already seen them, go and do it, coz it wouldn't be Christmas without them.

Just a thought I had…

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Doorbuster....My Bum

How you all doin??? Good??? good to hear.

This morning was supposed to be a very exciting morning because I decided that i was going to go to the Kmart "doorbuster" sale to buy a new DVD player, nothing fancy, just one of those $29.95 ones.

Now working at Billy Hyde, Doorbuster sale (which is this weekend just in case you were wondering) to me means people camping out, madness at the counter, people pushing, possibly even trampling each other and stock running out very quickly, so naturally with that being my only experience of a "doorbuster" sale, I was quite excited about being involved in Kmart's as a customer and not a sales rep. Like I normally am. So I got up extra early and went and picked up Dave and off we went, we arrived at the shops right on 9 and I quickly made my way to Kmart, but you know what I was very disappointed. There was no madness, no mayhem, no nothing, I wasn't even sure if the sale was even on at the particular Kmart, but the signs around the store told me it was. So I made my way to the DVD section got my DVD player and that was it, I didn't have to push or shove anyone, and I was very disappointed.

Anyway, the day hasn't been all disappointment, after purchasing the DVD player, which took no where near as long as we had planed, Dave and I decided to walk around a little, and much to my suprise we did so listening to the sweet melodies of ChrIstmas Carols. And this got me all excited again...Why... Because I LOVE CHRISTMAS and...

"Christmas is coming,
The goose is getting fat.
Please put a penny in the old man's hat
Please put a penny in the old man's hat"

...and that means it is now acceptable for me to start playing Christmas carols everywhere I go! It also means that Christmas is coming and I love Christmas... So all you people like me, its okay you can play the carols now, go for your life, spread the Christmas Cheer!

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Is "beta" really Better???

Hows it all going...

Just in case you were interested I have now completed 3 of my 4 exams and I have my last one tomorrow morning and then I have like all uni students I get something like 3months off to enjoy the sunshine (if it ever comes back, actually I shouldn't say that coz i think its supposed to be 30 on friday)...anyway, thats not the point, i just thought you might like to know...

What I do want to ask is for all you fellow bloggers, should i convert to "beta" blogger and leave this old way behind or should I stay??? Is "beta" actually better or is it all a lie??? (for those of you who don't know what I am talking about there is a new version, so to speak, of blogger that is called "beta") I have been looking around at it, but i am not really sure...and like most people i want to know whats in it for me...why should I change? So if you have converted to "beta" let me know why, or if you have chosen to stay let me know why too...the more input the better.

So post a comment and let me know...is "beta" better??

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Whoop, Whoop

Okay, so the war is back on with Billy Hyde after a very job threatening email that was sent out to all staff about the “appropriate use of the work computers, internet and phones”. I am sure it wasn’t just sent to scare me, I am sure that I am not the only offender, but lets just say, I was a little intimidated, but by no means defeated, so in response my method has changed hence I am typing this (still at work) in word, and I will transfer it, well actually if you are reading this I have transferred it and its now on my blog… I told you before Billy Hyde, I WON’T BE SILENCED

Anyway, lots of funny things happen to me, but most of them never make it to this blog, sad I know, but it’s true, but the other day something very unusual happened and I kind of feel it do my whole blog site a discredit not to post it…

What could have happened I hear you ask????

Well let me tell you…

As most of you aware (only because I have mentioned it one or two times in the last week) at the moment I am in the middle of my exams, well in terms of timing…not it terms of quantity.

So of my 4 exams I have had one, and I have 3 next week, I know I should be studying not bloging but what can you do? Anyway, this story comes from my first exam, let me set the scene for you…

I am sitting quietly, actually in silence, in my exam, we have had our 15 minute reading time, I have been through that time were you pack your dacks because all of a sudden you can’t remember anything and then regain your composure, I have completed my 30 multi-choice questions and am just starting my extended answer questions when in the distance I hear a ringing, a little like a fire alarm, figuring its some where else and that I should keep working on my exam I put my head back down and continue to write, but then I am very very very rudely interrupted, I know, in an exam, shocking, All of a sudden the speakers in the exam room of about 110 people ( I am not sure exactly, but you could probably ask flick coz she is always near the end, if you really want to know) come alive with a….

WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate, WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate the way you came in! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate, WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate the way you came in! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate, WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP, Please Evacuate the way you came in! WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP

Can you imagine?? With this everyone kind of sits up and starts looking around, and kind of wondering if we are supposed to move or wether we stay. So we are just sitting there and the head supervisor, one of the ones that lets the power go to there head and looks down on both the other supervisors and the students, announces, “I’ll just find out what is happening” and toddles off to the chief supervisor room. After a few minutes he returns, and says…”there is nothing to worry about, there is nothing we can do…just keep writing” Can you believe it???? Just keep writing, are you serious???? But that’s what we did so for the next twenty minutes we all tried out hardest to concentrate and “keep writing” with the occasional giggle, and a “I don’t believe this” or a “this is ridiculous”

But in the end it stopped and I finished my exam, so everyone, well at least I was happy. Although if you ask my dad, he will probably tell you that the siren is all just a part of the instability that is Emma at exam time. But I want to tell you that it was real (again check with flick if you want) and that the instability is not just something that happens to me, it’s genetic.

How can I tell??? Well at the moment, Dustin my brother, along with hundreds, well probably thousands of other people all over the state is doing year 12 exams at the moment, and the other day in a moment of insanity Dustin and I spent about 15 minutes running around the house in hysterics, because I wanted to know what CD he had in his hand and he just didn’t want to tell me, needless to say, he is also very unstable, but I guess I also just wanted to say in a big sister kind of way, even though he will hate it, that I am proud of you Dusty… you have worked soooo hard and I hope you do really well, because you deserve it.

Just a thought I had…

Stay tuned.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rain On

Okay so this is just a quick blog to say that I love the rain,

I am sitting in my study at home right in front of the window, trying to study when this massive thunder storm comes along, and while it does make me a little scared and uncomfortable (because lets face it, deep down inside I am a two year old child), it also just makes me realise how powerful God is and I love it. He does some pretty awesome things with nature that we just take for granted and often get mad at, but today I am just enjoying it and saying good work God.

It has been raining a day and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sound of it on the window, but there is nothing better to watch (provided that you are inside of course) than when the heavens open up and the rain pours down, along with the massive sound of thunder and the crack of lightning!

The other brilliant thing about rain is it soooo refreshing, and it does make me feel a little bit better about being stuck inside studying. So I say rain on,

Just a thought I had…

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I think its full again...

Okay so this is my 50th blog, and while I know that’s probably not very special for many of you reading, who have been blogging for a long time, or who wished I had never blogged at all, but today’s blog for me.

Just think 50 blogs ago, I wrote something along the lines of… my brain is full, and guess what I find my self sitting here bloging for the same reason, my brain is full, I don’t really care about all 150 ways the body likes to digest my food and once again I am in the middle of exams. That means it has taken me exactly 50 blogs to get through my semester, how weird is that, and no I didn’t do it on purpose it just happened that way. Anyway, while I have procrastinating and doing a terrible attempt of studying I have also with the help with a few of my friends, ( I think that lines in a song somewhere) opened another blog, because guess what….well actually if I tell you here it will kind of defeat the purpose of the other blog, so just check it out for your self at
www.coconutboobies.blogspot.com, I know, I know, just try not to think about it, but seriously check out the site.

Anyway, I was also just thinking as I wrote this blog, you know the song “seasons of love” from rent??? Well in that it talks about “how do you measure a year in the life of a friend” and I was just thinking that I guess a year in my life would equal 100blogs, wow, I don’t know what’s sadder… that I would only write 100, or that I was almost happy to count my life by the number of blogs I can do? I think I need to get a life, ha ha ha, chances, I’ll be back don’t stress.

Just the 50th thought I have had…

Stay tuned.