Friday, July 28, 2006

The Black Box

I feel as though I need to apologize for my lack of blogging recently, but I want you to all know that I have tried to blog this week, but my internet at home and I have a very difficult relationship, because of which, blogging just wasn't an option. Anyway....

I need to ask a few more questions...Does anyone reading this know anything about magnets??? Not like little fridge magnets, but magnetic fields?

Why you may ask??? Well as mentioned in a previous blog, we have a new security system at work, which has been very good, except for the times when I forgot to desensitize the sticker and made it go beep and couldn't work out what was going on, but that's another story. But as part of this new system we have a few new magnetized bits and pieces that we use to turn off or unlock the security systems, and I have decided that I don't like them at all.

This morning I was at work and I put through a item which had one of these stickers on it, and as this was the first time I had remembered what I had to do with the stickers, I went to the box which has the power to turn the sticker off and I got the shock of my life, I tell you what.

The box, which looks very harmless and simple, pulsates and hums and to tell you the truth, it scared me a little. It sucked the sticker in to it and when I pulled it off and moved away from the box my leg tingled a little and now I have a headache. Now I realise that I might be over reacting and these symptoms may be completely unrelated, but it’s not the first time that I have felt this when I have been near "the box". If I remember correctly I got the same kinds of feelings when we first got the new system and I wanted to have a closer look. So whether I am being a little silly or not, I want to know what kind of damage these machines can do....

Has anyone actually proven that they are safe? Am I going to get very sick when I am older? Are these magnets going to get a name like Asbestos? Will I be part of a massive union lawsuit? Am I making it all up? Should I avoid the box at all times? Will I lose my job if I refuse to work with the box? Can magnets give you bad diseases? Will the magnetic field mess with my mind?

If someone has the answers please let me life clearly depends on it.

Just some thoughts I had

Stay tunned.

Friday, July 21, 2006

National Lamington Day

Now normally I am a one post per day kinda girl, but something very exciting is happening today and I felt that it would be unaustralian of me not to mention it....

Today the 21st of July is Australia's National Lamington Day!

Why are Lamingtons so important? Because apparently (well according to the add) they are our only icon that is truly Australian.

What about the pavlova??? Invented by a Kiwi
What about the bbq??? Apparently its a universal thing long before Australia was even a country?
Beer??? Well I hear that the Germans do it better

So in order to celebrate Lamington Day, Toptaste, are donating money from every bag of lamingtons the sell today to Variety the children's charity, so get out there and buy some Lamingtons...

Seriously you know you want to, and if you need an excuse, I have given you two, its unaustralian not to and its for charity. But if you don't want to eat the lamingtons I guess you could always just read the good old Aussie book "possum Magic" which contains lamgintons.

Enjoy the Lamingtons

Stay tuned...

Happy Birthday Jake

I know, that this is the second post like this that we have had this week, but that doesn't make it any less important, this is just a quick note to say...

Happy Birthday Jake!

You are a star, and I love ya! Have a great Day, coz you deserve it!

Love Em

stay tunned... I promise there won't be any more birthday message for a little while.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big Boots

As promised another blog,

The other day I went out for lunch with some friends for Dave's birthday. While I was out, a very awkward topic came up in conversation, that being my fat calves (see previous blog on my fat calves). But it was not more depressing news about how I can't get boots that do up higher than my ankles, it was in fact very, very, very exciting news...

I was informed, by my good friend Miriam that apparently I am not the only person in the world that can get boots that fit, and that apparently many ladies in the world are just like me, that can't by boots because of a fat calve epidemic. But there is hope, because of the frequency of this problem, the shoe shop "betts" have brought in special boots especially for people like me...I know can you believe it?

And while I have had a quick look at them, I will defiantly be going to back to see what else is in the range and maybe one day very soon I will have boots. And I thought it would never happen.

But this did get me thinking...If there are soooooo many ladies with apparently "fat calves", is the problem really in the calves, or is it that the boots are too skinny?

Just a thought I had....

stay tuned, I will let know what happens with the boots.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

21 at last

Well I know it has been a long time since I have blogged, but the drought is over, I have something to say after almost a week of nothing, and it is this


I am so proud of you and, I hope you have had a great day.

I love you stacks

Love Em

P.S for everyone else I will post again soon

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


A little while ago at work, we had a $8000 saxophone stolen, which was kinda weird coz when it was taken it was really quite day and nothing else really happened, apart of from losing 8 grand of course.

Anyway...The reason I tell you this is not to tell you to come and steal our stuff (because its not easy to take anymore), but because I wanted to talk about how easy it is to lose trust in everyone. Because we lost the sax, last week at work we had 8 security cameras installed and then today I have been spending my whole day arming every instrument on the floor with little security tags so that if some one takes an instrument they will beep as they walk through the giant security senses at the top of the stairs. Why? Because we apparently we can't trust anyone, just in case we lose more money, and someone manages to take something even more expensive.

Have you ever wondered what kind of world we live in? Why everyone is suspicious of everyone else? Why nobody feels like they can trust anyone? Why every person in the street in that's in slightly dirty clothes is automatically assumed to be someone to avoid? Why little kids are taught about "stranger danger" before they are taught about everyone being the same? Why we are taught to assume the worst of people and not the best? It seems a little bit crazy doesn't it?

So how do fix it? Can we ever teach the world to trust again? Or is it impossible?

Saturday, July 08, 2006


Okay so here is where I am at, its 9am and I am at work, the shop has just opened but it is very quite. Dave is checking his emails on the other computer and I am sitting here typing this, while drinking a cup of tea out of my handy travel mug. But like many other days of my life I have many questions on my mind...and the one that I want to share with you is this...

Why am I so jolly tired???

Have you ever noticed that being tired is strange? Think about this if you get a little bit less than a good nights sleep you are tired, if you get lots and lots of sleep you get tired by the afternoon, but if you get no sleep (like 4 hours or less) you can be full of energy but then crash?

I don't get it, I just can't win...
just less = tired
too much = tired
way too little = energy (but then tired)
just right???? What is that???

What is the perfect length of a perfects nights sleep? Does it have something to do with my pillows or my donna? Is it because I think too much? Am I missing out on some wonderdrug that will make my sleep perfect? Should I eat a certain food before bed? Is warm milk the answer?
Does anybody know?

Just some thoughts I had.

Love Em

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

No. 394

Okay so here is what made me really mad today…

At Deakin (my uni) they insist on doing everything (except exams) online, including signing up for your classes, which is all fine and good EXCEPT that they give you silly allocation times, so today I had access from 1pm onwards, so after making a mock timetable so I knew what I wanted and when I waited patiently for 1pm to come around and then right on 1pm I pushed the sign up button thinking “yes I am in I am going go straight in and get what I want and be done with it” but do you know what happened????

I was put in a queue, that’s right, a queue on the internet???? I mean I’ve heard of slow internet, but a queue that’s just ridiculous, but that’s not the only thing not only was I in the queue but the queue was MASSIVE, I pushed the button right on 1pm, and do you what number I was in the queue?????????


Can you believe that? Three Hundred and Ninety Four people push the button before me, when I was sure I pushed it right on 1pm…Its stupid!! So then they tell me that I have a 25mintue wait. So being the wise woman that I am I try to trick the system and sign in again and just see what happenes, but they noticed and gave me the same silly message…

“You are currently position 394 in the queue.The waiting time is approximately 26 minute/s.
This page will automatically refresh in 1 minute/s”

So by the time I get in, half an hour later, the only class I actually need to get at a specific time is FULL, so now I have a 3 hour prac class on Thursday afternoons from 4 till 7, can you believe it 7pm how annoying.

So times things just don’t work and this is one of them…

Love em

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lucky big brother was watching...

Now, before I say anything at all, I don't know if I even know enough to write about this, but I feel like I should and seeing as this is my site, I will...but its defiantly open for discussion and opinions, in fact I would love to get some...

Over the weekend John and Ash from big brother were evicted from the big brother house for apparently doing some very naughty things. Exactly what these things were and why it all happened we will probably never know, here is the statement made on the big brother website about the "apparent" assault...

"Network Ten and Big Brother producers, Endemol Southern Star, today reaffirmed their commitment to the highly popular television program and confirmed Big Brother adheres to all broadcasting codes of practice and all relevant rules and regulations.
No footage of the incident that led to housemates Ashley and John being evicted was broadcast on television, nor would it be.
This is a closed police matter.
TEN and ESS proactively invited the Queensland Police to view the footage, and they subsequently interviewed housemate Camilla, who reiterated she did not wish to take the matter forward.
While the footage was never broadcast, and will not be, TEN and ESS will fully cooperate with any Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) investigation, and we are confident that we have upheld the Television Industry Code of Practice and any other broadcasting law or regulation.
Ashley and John were evicted because they broke the rules of housemate conduct. Big Brother is very popular, as evidenced by the strong and broad audiences it draws every night of the week, and will remain on air."

And the rules that they are referring to...

6. Housemates may not intimidate, threaten or act violently towards any other Housemate. Housemates may not bully or intimidate other Housemates because of their gender or sexual preferences. They must take all care to ensure that sexual attention is invited and that consent to any sexual contact is mutual and informed.
7. Housemates must not knowingly defame or vilify any individual or group. Responding to Big Brother in an offensive manner or showing disrespect to Big Brother will result in penalties and may result in early eviction.

Okay so taking all that in, here is what I think....

The Boys did the wrong thing, and that’s why they were evicted and I think that "big brother" so to speak, has done the right thing by taking them out of the house. Has the media gone too far? Probably, but that’s another blog all together.

Here is what I don't get though, Now Camilla feels guilty about what happened because the boys are gone and she feels it was an over reaction, but is it her fault? No. Could she have stopped them going? No. Did she encourage them? Probably. Were they to know that she wasn't joking anymore? Who knows. The line between what is okay and what isn't is so fine sometimes it hard to see, does that excuse what happened? Of course not.

So I guess what I am trying to say is I know that they have done the wrong thing, but how come this is so bad, when everyday women are abused and no one steps in. Is it just because it’s in the public that the moral line has been drawn? And how can this same line be drawn for the people who are not on national television?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

I'll Fight

Okay hands up, who can tell me what’s important about today???? That’s right, today is founder’s day in the world of the Salvation Army, and I while before this weekend I was dreading “founders” as it was so lovingly called by so many… I was actually quite challenged about what this weekend was all about. For those of you that don’t know (I don’t know if there actually is anyone I don’t know reading this but if you are welcome aboard), I have been a “salvo” all my life, my parents are salvos, my grandparents were salvos and I my great grandparents were salvos, that’s me born and bread salvo. And William Booth and his wife Catherine founded the Salvation Army. (I think that’s all the background you need)

Anyway earlier this year I was enrolled as a soldier, a member of my church, and when I signed up I agreed to fight the good fight and to do what God wanted me to do, which I still want to do now, but over the last 5 months while I have been a soldier, I have realised how easy it is to become comfortable where you are and to be okay with being comfortable, but what has really hit home this weekend, is that William Booth and The Salvation Army is not at all about being comfortable, in fact its the opposite.

The Salvation Army, is exactly what is says it is, an ARMY, and that’s what I need to do...fight and be in an army. To stand up and to be counted and while I did that when I became a soldier, just joining the army isn't enough, it’s about how hard you fight. Anyone could put on a uniform but unless they are really fighting does it really do anything at all? Anyone can play an instrument but unless they use their talent for God, what’s the point? Anyone can belt out a tune, but what’s the point if its not worship?

I want to fight, I am not happy being comfortable, God deserves my all and I am a soldier, I need to fight so that’s what I should do, not just be satisfied with comfortable and sit in the trenches.

Fighting will hurt, but I know that victory is mine, so why not give it a go.

I will leave you with these words from William Booth....

The tide is now flowing, I'm touching the wave,
I hear the loud call of the mighty to save,
My faith's growing bolder, Delivered I'll be!
I plunge neath the waters,
They roll over me.
And Now Hallelujah, The rest of my Days
Shall Gladly be spent in promoting His praise
Who layed down his life
and poured out this sea
Of Boundless salvation for you and for me.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Darling Davo

Now, if there are any boys reading this, or girls that aren't into mushy stuff, you probably won't want to read much further...look I will even give you a chance to get out of here before you become ill...ready 1, 2, 3 STOP READING.

Okay, for those of you that are still reading today is a very special day for me...No, its not my birthday, I didn't win a million bucks, its not just coz I am working and miriam just came and visited me, or because that I will be playing in the concert band at the "special" founder's service at church tonight, no its none of these things.

What is it then? Today is exactly 2 years since Dave and I started going out. So today my blog is about him (see now you know why i told you to stop reading kat).

There is so much that I could tell you about dave, stories from our many adventures, times he was sure he was dating a 4 year old, the very romantic things that he has done, the wonderful things he says, the times he made me cry for good and bad, the reason he is soooooo funny, how rediculously good looking I think he is, why he inspires me in everything I do, how talented he is...see the list could go on for days.

So instead of telling you all this now, and ruining all my stories for his 21st, this is what I will tell you. Dave is the most generous, loving and talented person I have ever met and I love him with all my heart. Thanks dave for putting up with me and loving me through my whinging and nagging, and my crazy moments. Thanks for all the fun times, and adventures over the last 2 years I can't wait to see whats in store for us next.

I love ya more than this little blog can explain.

Love Em