Saturday, August 26, 2006


You may have noticed that it has only been a few minutes since my last post...but in that few minutes I have discovered and enemy in the front lines, some one is trying to silence my blog!

I know who would have thought???? Me???? My blog???? Its never hurt a fly, only brought humour to the world. I am hurt, really hurt.

As I published my last post, I went to admire my work on the work computers and I was confronted with a "network access message: This page cannot be displayed"... This has never happened before, so in my innocence I thought that maybe it was the whole internet was down, so I checked a few other sites...The regulars....Hotmail, Yamaha, I was shocked to find that none of these sites had this message. Not even killsometime, a site made just for killing time by playing games! It appears that blogspot has been blocked! Someone at Billy Hyde doesn't want me blogging, but this is what I say to them...

You can't silence me!!!! I will not be told to be quiet!!! You may have blocked the joy of my blog from my work colleagues but you can't keep it from the world! Be warned Billy Hyde I am on to you and I will do what it takes to bring you down! There will be protests...This is not the end! There will be riots...This is not the end! The will be fist fights...This is not the end! There will be lots of slapping...This is not the end! There will be broken noses...This is not the end! and if that doesn't work I will chuck a tanty and you don't want to see that Mr Billy Hyde...Oh no you don't!!!

Watch yourself

and stay tuned, its for your own good.

Mickey Mouse Glasses

This morning i saw the funniest thing in the whole world, it took me back to the days of my childhood, which in reality wasn't that long ago (some may even argue that I am still going through my childhood), but it took me back there. Back when legins were cool as well as scrunchies and bad you might ask...

Well it was all in the is one lady that I saw for a breif moment as dave and I turned the car down a street to go to work. She was also sitting at the intersection but there was something about her, she was amazing, and I am pretty sure it all come down to her micky mouse glasses. You know the kind... the normal glasses that have the sunglasses clipped on which can then be folded up to resemble micky mouse ears. Ahh they are classic, so just so you can appreciate it too i thought I would leave you with this...

so there you go, a classic i know. Does anyone know what they are actually called? I think mickey mouse glasses is fine, but I am sure there is a proper name. Anyway Live on the mickey mouse glasses...

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Waiting not so patiently

I hate waiting…

Its only just dawned on me that most of my stress when I am studying and have deadlines to meet comes from the waiting bit. At the moment I am waiting for Deakin to load a stupid article, seriously I feel like I wait all my life. I wonder how much time I waste by waiting…

At the moment I am trying to do work for uni because it is assessment time and everything is due in the space of two days, but it feels like every time I sit down to DO something, I spend most of my time WAITING for things to open things to load etc etc etc. I know my poor little computer is getting a bad rap at the moment, but I guess that’s where I do most of my waiting, it probably doesn't help that I try and make it do 100 things at once. I know patience is supposed to a fruit of the spirit that I should show in my life, but I reckon that is one of the hardest ones to really show well…

But at Sunday school we have been looking at the fruits of the spirit because of the spectacular musical we will be putting on very soon (big part to be played by our very own Dave), and there is a song that we have been learning about a little snail called herbert and having patience, and the words of the chorus go a little something like this….

Have patience, have patience, don’t be in such a hurry
When you get impatient, you only start to worry.
Remember, remember that God is patient to!
And think of all the times when others have to wait for you.

So as I go and wait for this page to load I will sing that little song…

Stay tunned.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dave's Daily Diary

Just thought before I take away the poll "Should Dave Join the Blogging Community" I would let you know the results....

Yes, he is a very funny man....63%
No, stick with the comments, too much a good thing can be bad....19%
Who Cares....6%
Who is Dave....6%
Dave should just back off and leave the blogging community alone....6%

So there you go....Dave the poll has spoken.

Dumb Computers

Okay here is what I don't get...If computers are sooooo clever, how come they are always needing to be fixed.

Last week while my Dad was over, Mum and Dad did a trading phones episode where mum got dad's old phone because he had a new one. Anyway, during this whole process of swaping info from one phone to the other (which was done through the computer coz dad's old phone was like a palm pilot thing so everything was on the computer) Mum decided that she did want to use Dad's phone coz it was too hard (i don't blame her coz it was also ugly), so then she had to swap everything back on to her phone and palm pilot...but guess what happened? The computer didn't like it and so on Monday morning mum spent 2 hours on the phone to the plam pilot people trying to connect her old palm again because this was no longer working...I know this is very long winded and you probably are getting bored but stay with me I do have a point...Only to be told that they couldn't help because the didn't know and she would have to reboot the whole computer from sratch and to do that she needed to ring dell (the computer company)!

So...for the last 2 days I have been fully backing up all the data on mum's computer so that we didn't lose anything when we rebooted it this afternoon. Anyway this made me think...I told you the point was coming...

Computer are supposed to make life easier right???? The are supposed to be very smart, probably smarter than me, but here is what I don't get...If computers are sooooooooo smart why do they stuff up all the time??? Why can't they save their own stuff? Why can't they remember things that they did like 10seconds ago???

For example...My laptop has recently decided that it will only connect to the internet if it is connected to the power cable....seriously how dumb is that?? I can be sitting in exactly the same spot but if I am not "plugged in" the internet won't work! Dumb.

So I have decieded that computers are dumb and stupid and while I will keep using them everyday, I will continue to get mad at them, I mean seriously whats the point of having a laptop if will only do useful things when it is attached to something???? Maybe it has issues...I don't what the phobia is called but maybe it is scared of not being in a commited relationship (like the one the power cord gives it), or maybe electricty is a drug that my laptop is addicted to...maybe my computer is a junkie???

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Blogging Buddies

Welcome once again....

You may have notcied that over the last little while my "blogging Buddies" links coloumn has been getting a little bigger, so I thought I would just take the time to endorce my latest additions....

Kris....Kris is my cousin, and a very funny man (plus he keeps saying I am cool in his blogs), check it out.

Lizzy...Lizzy is a friend from uni, she has just moved to the states to study and her blog is like a giant travel diary, it should be interesting.

So check them out and invited them to the blogging community...and maybe if you are feeling really generous...leave a comment.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Crazy Chickens

Okay today for lunch I had KFC, which was a little naughty, considering I am on a diet but what can you do? Anyway as I ate, I read the info writen on the packaging, which told me all about how KFC get their chickens delivered fresh everyday, and once again I thought about this a little bit more than the average person and here is what crossed my mind...

If everyone in the WHOLE world, not just Victoria or even Australia, but the WHOLE WORLD just stopped eatting chickens, do you think that there would be enough chickens to take over the world? Seriously think about how much chicken the world must consume everyday and if all of a sudden they just stopped killing them? So many chickens would be out of a job, imagine the uproar, their union would be going nuts, there would protest and attack us...I can see it all happening, but why stop there...

What if the whole world stopped eating eggs as well, seriously sooooooo many chickens!!! I know that I will be eatting chicken from a long time so that they don't attack me! I shared this with my friend Ryan from work, he told me about this song that he had heard and I found it quite amusing its called "cows with guns" that link goes to the lyrics, so enjoy.

And eat chicken

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned.

The Good Ol' Oldies

The other day I heard the funniest thing in the world (that’s pretty funny). I was driving home, as you do, minding my own business, listening to what has go to be the best drive time radio show in the world, Hamish and Andy, and they were discussing a very funny topic. They were talking about how the other day in parliament, the government declared what were appropriate and inappropriate names to call people while in session and here are the two they okayed...

Pork Chop and...

So this was pretty funny in itself, but then they were saying that they were words that only people of 60 years and above would use and got callers to ring up and tell them what other old people had called them here is just a few...

ungrateful swine,
stupid nincompoop and my personal favourite...
great flaming go-sonk-a-pede

Anyway this got me thinking, as most things seem to do. Old people are great, and I don't think I have noticed, or used this anywhere near enough. Many of you probably don't know but I have a great grandma who is 99 years old, and I tell you what... It only just dawned on me how old that actually is...Seriously it’s really old. Think of it this way, here is some of the stuff that has happened since 1907 when she was born (in no particular order)...

The First Ford Car,
Invention of TV,
World War I,
Invention of Colour TV,
World War II,
The Vietnam War,
Two Olympics in Australia,
The First Movies,
Princess Di and Charles,
Mobile Phones,
Dolly the Cloned Sheep,
The Internet,
The Peak of Albert Einstein’s Carrier,
The impressionists,
When Yo-yos were cool for the very first, second, third and forth time,
The Simpson’s,
The first planes,
Nuclear Bombs,
The Cold war,
Martin Luther King,
Discovery of Bacteria,
Space Travel,
Mickey Mouse,
Bottled Water,
The first climbing of Mt. Everest,
Wireless ANYTHING,
Sept. 11,
The Beetles,
Stolen generation,
Pauline Hanson,

And that’s just the beginning, amazing ey... I should really go and sit down and have a long chat with her, Coz if I leave too late all these amazing memories will be gone. I can't even being to imagine what it would be like to be THAT old, I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in my 30ies... seriously, just try and imagine being that old...werid.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Laugh The Night Away

Did you know....

The average 6 year old laughs 300 times a day, yet the
average adult only laughs between 15-100 times

That’s pretty crazy ey?

Do you think we lose the ability to laugh? Do we just start taking things more seriously? Maybe too seriously? Is Life just not funny after the age of seven?

When I read this little fact, I was really quite surprised. And it makes me kinda sad. Why? I hear you ask...well I don't think we are supposed to laugh less. I was thinking about why little kids laugh more, and this is what I came up with... They really have nothing to worry about, their parents take care of everything, they rarely want for anything, and they haven't learnt about all the bad stuff in the world yet.

But heres the deal, I think that we can laugh and enjoy life just as much as these little kiddly winks, why? Well, when Jesus came to earth He came to save the world, so that we could have life and life to the full, and he told us not to worry, but to give it all to Him, because he was in control. Doesn't that sound a little familiar? We too have a parent, a heavenly father to look after things for us, so that we don't have to worry and we can live life to the full, because God will take care of the rest.

Now I know this doesn't mean that things will always be amazing and life will be easy, but I defiantly don't think life is supposed to be one big stress, so there is no joy.

Maybe we do take things to seriously and don't give enough control to God, because really if we trusted God to look after our lives don't you think it would be less stressful.

Maybe that’s what I need to do, give it all over and not just little bits, Because I don't know about you but I think I need to laugh and enjoy my life more, coz sometimes I am a lot closer to the 15 times/day then 100, and I would rather be like the 6 year old, spending most of my day enjoying life and laughing the night away.

So inorder to increase your laughter for the day i thought I would put in some funny pictures that I found... Dave this first one is for you...

Sorry there were lots more, but I couldn't get them to load, sorry

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

And It Shall Be Called....Family Day

Today is a joyous day. Proclaim it from the roof tops,

that's right you heard it here first...Today is a Joyous day! (isn't Joyous a wonderful word).

Today my family is all together once again. Very early this morning, I woke up, I know nothing exciting there, but here is comes, I went into Mums room and guess what.... THERE WAS TWO PEOPLE IN THE BED!!!! (not just one, like the normally is).

At first I was horrified and didn't understand, but then I went closer (in hindsight that probably wasn't the wisest thing that I could have done, but I did it anyway) and it was MY DAD!!!! Now for many of you reading this, who are thinking well that's sounds pretty standard, there is a catch, MY DAD LIVES IN CHINA.

So, naturally, I was very excited, I said "hello", and dad said "oh no, unstable", but this did not put me off in the slightest, because I was the bringer of good news. My good news????

DUSTIN (my brother) IS UP!

Why was this good news, trust me normally its the last thing you want to hear...lets just say dusty doesn't do mornings, but today it was good news because today DUSTY BECAME A MAN, ha ha ha ha, well kinda he turned 18.

Thats right, today shall be called family day because DUSTIN IS 18 and DAD IS HOME, nothing could be better, well...I could be with them and not at work, and poor Jake is home alone, but who's complaining, I am sure they would rather I was here and they were not.

So sing and rejoice, because today we eat cake, Have food thrown at us and Dave wants to eat a big chicken with big breasts.

SING! REJOICE! BE JOYOUS! ( I am aware that I just repeated my self) and go tell it on the mountains, because today is FAMILY DAY.

Friday, August 11, 2006

The Magic Storage Elves

Okay so today I am at work again, except this time they have put me in one of the other shops and it is really quiet and boring, In fact this shop is soooooo quiet that just before we had 2 customers and 2 phone calls (which is really nothing compared to the other store) and the head guy here got all comfuzzeled, and I was in the way and everything was too hard, but really it was nothing. Anyway, thats not what I wanted to blog about...

I have this list that I have made off the questions I have or things I want to say on here, but I want to know this...Why is it now, that I am bored out of my brains sitting here I can't remember a single one??? It just doesn't make sense...

Sometimes I imagine (just run with me here, okay?) That my head is like a massive room of filing cabinets in which little elves/fairies work and when I need to remember something they run around and find what I need...Sometimes they can't find it, thats why it takes longer, but they get it eventually. Sometimes they think of something werid and just throw it into my mind and thats what I have so many questions...But I don't understand how sometimes I can be thinking of something ALL day and then I want to do something with it and its like one of these little elves run towards the file that information is in and stand in front of it so no one can get in. But what I don't understand is why they would do that?? It just doesn't make sense...but its really annoying.

Does anyone know the real reason why this happens??? Cause it really makes me mad. I know there aren't really faries in my head, but it would make more sense if there were, at least I would have an explaination... Seriously, why does it happen right when you don't want it too.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

The Search for the Greatest Hot Chocolate

Recently at Uni...well actually all over has been very cold, and this I believe has increased my need for hot chocolate, because lets face it, there is nothing better on a cold day then a nice hot chocolate. Its like hot chocolate was made for those kind of days.

Anyway...The is an abundance of cafe's at uni, all of which sell Hot Chocolate, so Flick and I have made it our mission to find the best one...Now it isn't just taste that we are after, (well I haven't actually gone over these conditions with Flick, but I am sure that she will agree), there are many things that need to go into this hot chocolate...okay so here is what I have got so far....

1. The Hot Chocolate must be hot, (seems silly but you would be supprised)
2. The Hot Chocolate must have froth. (the more the better generally, but you do want some liquid in there too.
3. The Hot Chocolate must not be too expensive
4. The Hot Chocolate must leave you satisfied, not wanting for something else, not feeling sick, which can happen.
5. The Hot Chocolate needs to taste great. (thats probably the most important)

Anyway, we think we may habe found the best one at uni, but we will need to do some clarifing this week, but I want to put it out to you...

Where do you get the best Hot Chocolate in melbourne??? Do you make the best Hot Chocolate in Melbourne???? Seriously I want to know??

I know someone out there knows

Just a thought I had...

Stay Tunned.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Push-Pull Moments

Welcome once again, to this the home of my thoughts and questions about the universe...

So today as you may have already guessed I have another question, and here it is...

Why is it when you go to use a door you always go the wrong way? Now I am not talking about walking in the wrong direction...

I am talking about when you use a door, why is it that you always push the pull doors and pull the push doors??? Now I think that this is a common problem in the world, one from which not just I suffer.

For example, the other day I was at church, a building I have gone to since I was old enough to breathe, and guess what???? I had a pull-push moment. I have walked through that door probably a MILLION TRILLION times, but I still had a push pull moment. It was crazy. But I was a little comforted, when today I was at Uni and my friend flick (who we should all know and love by now, p.s she has her own blog so check it out) had her own push-pull moment, during our quest along with our friend Laura, to find the greatest hot chocolate at Deakin (more about that later).

So here is what I have decieded we should do... All doors should be made to go both ways, then no one would get confused. What do you reckon??? Is it just me and Flick or is this a common problem? Should all doors go both ways???? Or should we just get rid of doors altogether???

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Eye Popping Good

You guessed it...another question....

Today I was sitting in my Biochemistry Class (its a terrible thing so I don't want to say it too loud), and my friend flick had a sneezing fit...and this made me thinking about sneezing, because each time she sneezed I said "bless you" a very common thing to do.

But then I started to wonder why i did it, and it made me think of the reasons people had told me...

1. The black plague, "bless you" used after sneezing because it meant you were going to die.
2. People say "bless you" because your soul is trying to escape and that brings it back in

Now I don't know if either of those are right or not, but I would like to know...

The other thing it made me think of was that nursery rhyme "ring-a-ring-a-rosie" coz apparently that has something to do with sneezing and the black plague that true????

The last thing I was left thinking about was how you can't keep your eyes open when you sneeze, coz if you do apparently they pop out. But I also thought this is very dangerous, because if you do keep them open you lose your eyes, but if you shut them you might also die, like when I am driving, what happens if someone runs out infront of my car while I am sneezing, thats not fair at all, i can't control sneezing, it just happens. So I need to know if can learn to keep my eyes open with out losing them. Wow that was random and unorganised, sorry.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Diet Coke - The Sweet Alternative

Okay, yet another mystery in my life for you...

Why does diet coke taste sweeter than regular coke?

No seriously, think about it, the cool bit about diet coke is no sugar, but seriously it tastes sweeter than the coke full of sugar. I just don't get it, and every other time I have suggested that this is the case, the people I am with just look at me as if to say "Are you stupid, Diet coke has no sugar, how can it be sweeter!" But it is I am telling you.

Does any one else agree? or is it all in my head?

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Vote Now

It's up to you city of Melboure, Australia, potential World (I have big hopes for my poll)... Vote now... (in true Mike Goldman style,you know...the guy from big brother)...
Davo get a blogo or stay with no no,
Dave tell us where he is at, or just leave come comments back,
It's up to you...

Eternal Peace

Now I know my most recent blogs have been a little more on the lighter side of life, but I have some thing a little bit more serious for today...

I heard an interesting thing on the news the other day regarding the fighting between Israel and Lebanon. The dude (I think news presenter is the correct term) was saying that many churches have called on the government to call for Israel to have a permanent cease-fire, which seems fair enough, but then the minister of something in our government said that if we were to just call a cease-fire it would stop the fighting but that it would not solve the problem.

Well this got me thinking...Is just stopping the fighting enough, yes, no one gets killed for now, but is better to let them go and sort themselves out so that some form of peace is found, not just enforced. Now I am not saying at all that its right for them to fight or that innocent people should be allowed to just be killed, but if peace is just enforced, won't the fighting just become less obvious? Won't more people be killed in the long run? I don't know, and I don't think there is a right answer, its kind of a bit like this...Do you do the greatest good for the greatest amount of people, by continuing to evacuate, but letting the fighting continue, or do you do a band-aid solution and fix it for now, but not for good?

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

UHT Supreme

I come to you today with yet another mystery...

This morning, Dave and I had to leave work to go and get paint for our boss Bec, who is painting her house and wanted to take full advantage of the "buy one get one free" deal at paint spot, which has a one per customer kind of deal, so off we trecked down whitehorse road to get paint, but as a little reward we were allowed to go get some breakie at macca's, which is where my mystery for the day comes from.

At McDonalds, I purchased a cup of tea, but instead of getting it from "Mc Cafe" like I normally would, I just went to the regular que. So when I got my tea it came a bit like a box of lego where I had to assemble it myself.

Anyway...One of the parts was the UHT milk, and here is what I want to know...

Where does UHT milk come from? Is it still from cows? I heard a rumor that it comes from cats, but thats just gross, but does it? But seriously is like a special kind of cow? Do they have little squirters from their udders? How do they get it in such a variety of containers, Normal cows only do your standard carton? And what does UHT even stand for?? UnHappy Terrorists? Utterly Horrible Tasting? Uneven Hairy Tails?

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned

Friday, August 04, 2006

Parking Power

Okay so I have another question for you?

You know when you park in a restricted parking area, for example a 2hr parking area, how far do you actually have to move in order to warrent not parking there any more? Can you just move your car forward, or do you need to drive further than that? Can you even stay in that area, or is it just one park in the area for the 2hrs and no more? Where do they acctually put the mark and can you check to see whether they have been?

Why do I ask? Well in the last few days there have been a few times where I have just moved my car to the park in front of mine, and Dave reckons its illegal to do that, but I don't believe him, so I am putting it out to you....

Just another thought I had

Stay tuned.

Burning Beef

Okay, I have a werid question for you....

I don't know if you know or not, but when you are in a market and you want to buy, say, a belt or something, in order to test what the belt is made from, real leather or vinyl, you put a flame onto it. If it is vinyl it burns, and if it is leather it comes away completely untouched, so you know you are a getting real cow on your belt.

Anyway my question is this... if you lite a cow on fire....will it burn?? Now i know thats strange and werid, but seriously think about it.. All a cow really is, is a big burger wraped in a leather coat!! So will it burn?

Also just taking it a little further...probably a little too far...but if you lite the cows tail on fire, which would burn being hair, have you made a cow candle or will the fire go out at the begining of the leather?

Will it burn or not????

Just a thought I had,

Stay tuned.