Saturday, September 30, 2006

Golden Anniversary

Last night at my house we celebrated my granparents 50th wedding anniversary... Just let it sink in...50years of marriage! Its pretty crazy ey? So I just thought that I would put this little post up, to say congradulations to my Gran and Pa, but also just to show everyone else how proud I am of them.

I guess in today's world its easy to see marriage as a "in the moment" thing, where people get married becacuse they are happy at the time and as soon as things get though they just leave it behind, but I guess its like most things today, people really only like to do things that beifit them and if its too hard then its not worth it. But marriage wasn't made for that, i'll give it a whirl kind of attitude. Marriage is a life thing! Which as I was told by Pa last was something that you have to work at. So congrats, I think that its awesome and I hope that when I get married I will be lucky enough to have a golden anniverary to!

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Emma's Kitchen

Sorry its been a while,

This week I have been on holidays from uni which should have ment that I had plently of time to blog... but because I am a little silly in the head, I decided to use my only free week in semester two to do a commercial cooking course!! I was told a little while ago that if I couldn't cook, I might struggle a little with my subjects next year, so because I can't cook when they offered this course I said well okay. The course was run from Box Hill Tafe, the same place that is training the chef's for the TV show "Jamie's Kitchen", so we got to use all his cookware and stuff which was pretty cool, and after watching the first episode of that I figured it couldn't be that hard but I had no idea what I was getting myself into!

What I originally thought would be a breeze turned out to be a long and painful task, but I did learn a lot, got to wear an apron and a cool hat (I'll put a photo up as soon as I can), got to spend time with my friend Claire from uni, and one girl (not me) set her saucepan on fire, so I guess it was all worth it. I just couldn't believe how tired I got each day with just cutting vegies and stuff, oh well.

I was hoping to have a whole heap of funny stories to share, but lots of them are "had to be there" kind of things, so I will just look like a tool if I try and explain them on here, but if you really want stories you can talk to me later, or Claire. However, I must say that if you ever need someone to julienne your carrots or slice and dice your onion, or even make a nice honey soy marinate for your meat...I'm your girl, but it might take a while, lets just say Claire and I like to take our time. Maybe if I practice, I will have my own kitchen, you know like Jamie's? Nah, that sounds like way to much hard work, maybe I will just go back to eating home cooked meals that mum makes and leave the cooking for as long as possible! Its probably better for everyone's health and sanity if I do.

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 22, 2006

The war is over

Just thought that you would like to know that I have beaten Mr. Hyde and blogspots can once again be view at work.

The war is over and victory is mine...I have won.

I didn't even have to throw a punch or chuck a tanti!!! Amazing I know...Maybe from now on i should be known as "Emma the Conqueror" or "Emma the Great" or you know how they used to name people after the things they defeated? maybe then I would be "Emma of Hyde" ha ha ha that sounds so dumb. Maybe they could make me the superhero in a new video game...maybe I could be the next lara croft (but with significantly reduced...lets call them assets) or maybe not, maybe I should just be quiet, before they do it again.

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Don't ya just love that...

So I think this last week has been the longest week of my life I think, why so long??? Well my mum has been in china visiting my dad so I have been in charge of the house, a lot tougher when you inclued my two teenage brothers, and on top of that my darlin davo has ended up in hospital with Glandular fever, a liver virus and now pneumonia as well, so its been really long, anyway thats not what I want to blog about...but if you want to know more you can talk to me about it later.

What I do want to talk is times that you go....Don't you just love that... Tonight I played basketball as I do most monday nights with my beautiful friends. But tonight, it was not just any ordinary game. Tonight was like rivalry round in the Afl, coz it was box hill vs box hill, our team verses another team from the same church. Now these games normally get pretty fiesty coz it a matter of pride. Anyway unfortunatly the other team was very low on numbers so they had some pretty powerfull ring-ins, but our team of 5 including me (which if you have read my blog for a while you will know I am not very good, see slide baby, slide) came through with the goods. Although we are a little worse for wear, we won...and it made me go don't ya just love that.

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Kat's Back

Okay so once again I am behind again, but even though this happened on tuesday as in last tuseday....not today, the joy in my heart is still loud and strong...What happened on tuesday you might ask???

Kat came back from overseas and I was sooo excited so on wednesday night for cell we went to the city and got gelati and it was great. Even though she was only away for like 10 days I tell you what I missed her. I think it may have had something to do with not saying goodbye and forget that she had gone because it all happened so fast. All i know for the whole time she was away I kept going to things expecting that she would be there and she wasn't so I got really dissapointed. Anyway it doesn't matter now coz she is back!

Anyway I know it probably means nothing to you but it does to me and this is my blog so deal with it! Welcome Back Kat... you have been missed.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Happy New Holden

So my title is a little inappropriate, but it does have a purpose but I will get to that in a few minutes.

Today Peter Brock another Famous Australian died suddenly, I can't believe it, two amazing men in one week. I don't really have much to say about it, only that even before I began to take some intresest in cars (thanks Davo), Peter Brock was the only driver that I knew, (except now i know two, I also know Craig Lowns for ford, no guesses as to why) but it wasn't from racing that I remember Peter, it was from those ads that Holden ran for their New Year's sale, in which Peter and a lady named Debroah said something a little like this...

Debroah: Happy New Holden Brocky
Peter: Happy New Holden Debroah!

and then the sales came on to the screen...hence where the tittle comes from! So there you go my only memory...

Now, I don't want to make his death sound trivial, but when people die mum always says "it happens in threes you know"...I don't know if I can handel the death of another Australian icon, but if it comes in threes who would it be??? Dame Edna??? Hugh Jackman??? John Howard??? Seriously no one is safe...Do you think it really will happen in three? I hope not, I don't think my heart would cope.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Strong Character

So once again, I am not quite as quick as everyone else bloging about this, but what can you do?

This morning as I was eating my breakie, I read the paper, in which was a 10 page tribute to Steve Irwin, and while I had heard all about how he died and the impact that has made, I guess it didnĂ‚’t really hit me until this morning.

In the paper and on the news last nights there were all kinds of reports for Bindy's (his daughter) take over from her dad and how it has effected everyone, and how there were many "prayers". And it got me thinking...I wonder what Steve believed,Ii thought about his character and the things people had said about him. They way they talked of him as a genuine guy that loved life, someone who was passionate about everything and loved his family more than anything. I saw an interview with a guy that has been working with him for only 4 days, and the guy was a mess, the impact thatStevee had had in those few days wasunbelievablee.

I guess from where I sat, to me, Steve acted like a Godly man, now I have nothing to back up whether he was or wasn't a Godly man, but I guess itchallengedd me, as to what kind of impact do I have? I know that I love God, I know some of what God's character is like yet sometimes I know I am nothing like that. I think that if I was more likeStevee, I kind of reckon that if I was I would be more like God, not thatStevee is God by anystretchh of the imagination, but just in the way I would treat others, love God's creation and live my life.

I would like to know whereStevee was at, but I guess I never will now, well not until I get to heaven, and hopefully I will see him there. Anyway, I guess what I really want to say is I want to make an impact for good, I want to be able to leave a legacy like he has, but most of all I want to be as genuine about life as he was.Isn'tt great the things God can use to teach us a lesson..Whoo would have thought.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Crack or Colour

Okay, another mystery of life coming your way...

Today we had rehearsal for the Sunday schools fantastic up and coming show "Music Machine" featuring none other than Dave George, and during which, being a Sunday school teacher I had to stand up and sit down a lot... Now I know I am not the only one that has this issue, but I am a little sad to say I have a crack issue, that is, when I sit down sometimes my bum crack pops out. It doesn't matter what pants I wear, it always seems that my "crack" just wants to say hello world.

So in order to semi fix the problem I have gotten into the habit of just pulling my undies up (don't worry, this will stay clean, this is the worst that it gets) so instead of seeing crack you just get to see what undies I am wearing.

Anyway today while in rehearsal one of the kids with not so good English (ha ha ha a perfect example form myself) said..."Emma....Emma....your underwear" and continued to point at my bottom. Now this raises many questions...

Should he have said anything?
Should he have even been looking at my butt?
Would he have rather have just seen my crack?

Now the last one is what I want to put to you...Is it better for boys and girls alike, to show crack or undies? Seriously, would you rather look at undies (the brief kind...not a G-string...that’s just gross) or at my bottom, or should I just learn to pull up my pants?

When I was looking for a picture for this blog I came across something very I thought I would share it with you...

Now I know that its a bit small and hard to read... it says..."clean up America, Cover a Crack" and it is a company that makes T-shirts with an extra bit just to cover the crack that likes to come out. I thought it was ingenious, but here is what made me laugh, check out this little girl in the before and after shots...

Its great ey? Maybe that’s what I am missing? An original "Crack no more" shirt? Maybe that’s what I need. Like these ones I could have a special slogan too, instead of "dignified construction worker" or the "polite plumber" I could have "luscious lady" or "dignified daisy" or maybe even "elegant Emma"

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Spring is in the air

Okay so I just wanted to take the time to go...ISN'T A LOVELY DAY?

Seriously I am sooooo excited, spring is in the air and that means a number of things....

The sun is out, so skin you will see the world again
It's getting warmer....
Assessments at Uni are over...

Bright colours make you feel nice, and not pale
sky's are blue
And people are generally Happy

Now I know that I am not the first person to notice this, (if you want proof check out Beth and Flick's Blogs). But have you ever noticed, how good, good whether makes you feel? Seriously, I had a crap day on Wednesday with my biochem midsemester being just one of the low points, but you know what, it was a beautiful day, so it wasn't anywhere near as bad as it could have been. And yesterday in a break at uni, a couple of my friends and I just sat outside and ate lollies and it was the best. I think the lovely whether brings out the best in people. There is just something about that makes you want to smile...and you know what...I love it...bring on the summer. It almost makes you feel like you are living in some of the pictures that windows offers as a desktop picture, and you know why I reckon they offer them...coz it makes you feel good...I would like to live in that picture!

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

Just Slide Baby, Just Slide

Okay now I know its been a while since I last posted but I have had a very busy week, but today I just want to write about something that happened to me on

During basketball...That's right I play basketball, not well but I try...I took a stack, No I didn't get pushed or even provoked, I simply tripped on my own feet while trying to catch up to a player on the other team. So imagine this...

its just me and their girl, the rest of the teams are down the other end waiting to this girl till the ball came down and it's my job to stop the ball getting down that far...So I am running my heart out trying to catch up because it turns out that she is faster than me and I tripped on my own feet and went down. Anyway as I am falling, the only advice I have for my self is not, "STOP YOUR FALLING" but "just slide, and it won't hurt, just slide" Seriously can you believe that that's the best advice that I had for my self??? So as I hit the ground, I push my hands into the ground and propelled my self forward by pushing my hands back, then lifted my hands behind my back and pushed my head up...And let me just say I felt like the biggest tool out, but it was too late.

As I started to laugh so did the rest of the players and spectators (except for poor Dave who was embarrassed), no naturally I stood up and took a bow, walked it off and keep playing, but continuing to giggle the whole time.

When I was at school, I was told I looked a little like a penguin because apparently I waddle when I run, but as I took the step into uni I thought I had finally lost the penguin so to speak, but it turns out, that its still in me. Deep down inside, I think I will always just be a little bit like a penguin. Do you think that I will ever live it down? Or will I always be the penguin? I have a feeling its now something that I will never shake!

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.