Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Home Again

Well I am back and soon I will put up a post with some pictures and maybe one or two funny stories...but for now I have just one question for you...

The other night the tennis was view live across Australia, this ment that in Queensland it started at 6:30pm, but while we were watching I noticed that allow it was dark in Queensland it was still light in melbourne, now before you all say Daylight savings, its not, it was the exact same moment, but the time was in it was 8:30 in melbourne and 7:30 in queensland, but it was the same "time" and it was light in melbourne and dark at the Gold does that work I am very confused...

The world is such a funny place

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Sunshine State...Sure, whatever!

Okay so I am coming to you live from what they call the sunshine state...but I tell you what it has been far from sunny. Today like all the other days Kat, Dave and I have been here it is raining, but not enough to really stop us from doing anything, so we are still having heaps of fun.

So far we haven't done that much, we have been to this werid shark show, with a massive frozen shark and walked to cold rock in the pouring rain and then went swiming in the lagoon, which was mad fun. Tomorrow we are heading out to the great barrier reef on a big boat that has a waterslide and on Monday we are heading out to Hamilton Island and Whitehaven beach which I am quite excited about, but I a hopeing and praying that the weather is better for those two days.

Also while I have been up here I have done some more things from my list, I have....

Eaten a rainbow padlepop (no. 66)....
and Stood in the rain (no. 94)....
I tried to put some more pictures up of our trip but it just wasn't working for me, so I guess you will all have to wait until I get home.

Next week we are off to Surfers Paradise, and tonight Miriam is joining our little holiday party...anyway Dave and Kat are waiting for me at the pool well actually in the I better go. Oh but before I do, Congrats to Fiona on getting enaged! I am so happy for you!

The world is such a funny place!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Jetsetting Baby!

Okay, so very early tomorrow morning (6:00am) I am heading off to Queensland for a lovely trip away with Dave, Kat, Miriam and Brad. (It has a long story behind it, and while this site won't give you the most up to date info, its the best I can offer...look at

Anyway, now that we are all on the same page I can continue...While we are up in the sunny state we will be going to all the parks and to the beach and just really have a very fun and relaxing time. But I am not sure how easy blogging will be, but because of number 34, I will have to do at least one. So hang in there I will be back...and hopefully there will be some photos as well.

The world is such a funny place.

No. 8

Okay so due to the water restrictions I have kind of taken a short cut with one of the things on my list, its number 8, wash my car (by myself). How could I possibly take a short cut? Well my car is washed and I was by myself when it happened, but I didn't really have to do anything, only pay a little bit of money and the machine did it all for me...But here is the thing...I don't know if that counts what do you reckon?

The world is such a funny place!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


This story comes to you a couple of days late, so firstly sorry about that. But it is a tale of triumph and well worth the wait.
Last Friday, something amazing happened. Though everything was against me, I was too weak and I had tried many times before and failed miserably. I have finally ripped a piece of gaffer (formally known as gaffa, but according to the pack at work its Gaffer...who would have known).

Thanks to the help of my mate Ryan who informed me its all about the Angle...and thats the truth it is ALL ABOUT THE ANGLE.
The world is such a funny place.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well the title pretty much says it, I hate ants, with a passion!

This summer for no particular reason ants have taken over our house, it doesn't matter how clean it is there is always ants. It doesn't matter how tight the food containers are… there are still flippin ants and I have just about had enough!

I would really like to know what their role in the world is because if it isn't something good, I really think I need to start a mission of wiping them out completely! Don’t you the think the world would be a better place? No ants, imagine that… what are they here for????

Seriously they are sooooooo rude, just because they are hungry doesn’t mean they can just barge into every room of the house and help themselves to all the cupboards, I wouldn’t let a close friend do that let alone something I believe needs to be squashed! But that’s not where they stop, no having free range of the whole entire world isn’t enough then they have to crawl on me. Well don’t even think about it ant, because I have massive can of Pea Beu and you are going down!

If anyone can tell me how to get rid of as many ants as possible as fast as possible I would really like to know!
Oh and by the way the picture isn't from my house, but my house will soon look like this if action against this rediculous movement of ants indoors is not stopped!

The world is such a funny place, but it would be better without ants!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Knocking them off 2 at a time...No.51 and No.91

There is nothing better than I week at the beach, nothing better seriously. All I can tell you was that God was having a great day when he made the beach. Anyway thats where I have been for the last couple days and oh I love it, but thats not what I wanted to blog about, while I was there I was able to knock 2 more things off my list...

The first one was a lot easier than I thought it would be... I was able to get Dave to play a board game. Well maybe it wasn't all my doing, lets just say that with a with a little bit of pestering from Jake, it didn't take long for Dave to give in because he didn't really think that beating him up in front of my parents would be the best option. Anyway, we got him to play a board game, but not just any board game but... Monopoly. It was a massively long game and in the end Dave came Second so good work Davo...and no supprises that the winner was...
The other thing I knocked off my list was something that I never thought I was going to be able to do, i drove Dustin's car! Of course Dustin didn't know that I was doing it, but i did it, and know its off the list, because I will probably never be able to do it again! But much to his disgust here is the proof...(by the way there is also a video but I don't know how to put it on here...sorry!)The world is such a funny place.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

No. 50

Yesterday I was able to knock yet another thing off my list, it was only another small one, but it was a list item none the less.

Yesterday on the way home from Matt and Beth’s beautiful wedding (I will leave that to Beth to blog about) Kat and I decided to quench our thirst and refresh our tired and hot bodies with a slurpee, and with Kat as my witness, I promise you that all though you can not see in my cup there is no cola or red. My slurpee is Orange and Mango and lemonade. And while I was a little reluctant at first it was pretty good. So there you go number 50 is gone. Oh and sorry about my bad hair in the photos.

If you wanna get in on my list then you better do it quick smart because there is only 98 to go.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

No. 56

Well today I managed to knock something off my list, not just a little like my "emma" efforts the other day, but fully, it's gone and it will never be done again.

Today I tried sarsaparilla! And i tell you what... that stuff is gross, not just a little, but a lot and i will never drink it again, but its done and now I know!
Here is the proof...

On another note, tonight i went through the drive-through at a McDonalds that had two drive-through lanes, it was massive...seriously... and it was in Cranbourne, why does Cranbourne need a McDonalds that big??? The other great thing about this Macca's is that it had a massive Grimice statue which I took a photo of...
The world is such a funny place!

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Something a little fishy

So once a year, sometimes more, but at least once a year and usually in the January school holidays I take Jacob on an all expenses paid trip into the city where we do something a little different, for example last year we spent the day at the amusment thing at crown.

Anyway, this year, much to my delight, Jacob took me out for a day in the city and instead of me paying, he did and it was great. He took me to the Melbourne Aquarium, somewhere i haven't been in ages, and it was seriously it was the best. They had a whole finding nemo exhibit (well i don't know if it is actually called that, but it had clown fish and a dori fish) these massive crabs and in the Jelly fish room it had those lights that make all the white bits of your clothes glow which made my yellow and white dress looked pretty mad. At the end of our day in the Aquarium we went on the ride that they had hich was a lot better than I thought it would be, but I think it was mainly because our seatbelts didn't really work and we were thrown all over the shop.

Anyway, it was a top day and I just want to say that Jake, you did an awesome job! Thanks a bunch!

I will leave you with this little quote from Jake about our favorite fish...
Elvis is dead, but he came
back as a fish

This is a photo of the fish, you can't really see in the picture, but he has a bit of an Elvis do. Maybe Elvis is a fish

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.

Monday, January 01, 2007

And..she is off and away

Well 2007 is off and running so HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE, I hope that this year is a great one for you.

Well even though it is only day one I have got stuck into my list and today i feel like that I have got to good start, i have been on the exercise bike (although only once so I can't cross it off my list yet), but it does mean that I have exercised more regulary than I did last year.

Anyway...that's not the only thing I did today I also visited the first of 20 "Emma" streets listed in the melbourne (see no.99). This one was in Croyden and while I loved every minute, Davo is not to convinced that this whole list thing is such a great idea. Here are the photos from our adventure.