Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ice Cream Sent From Heaven

Okay for the last little while I have been house sitting for my Auntie and Uncle and while I have been living at their house i have found a new love of my life...well apart from my rumoured fiance (see Dave (okay all together now...ahhhhh). Anyway, to become a love of my life the thing/person needs to be pretty special....well I can tell you this thing is very special indeed, it is heaven sent, a gift from above, God's gift to ice cream....COLD ROCK

Now if you have never been to cold rock here's what happens, they mix stuff into icecream, but it is soooooo much more than that. They mix your favourite things into your favourite ice cream, its is a little taste of Kat, Miriam, Dave and I's cold rock experiance earlier tonight...

Miriam had..............Chocolate ice cream with chocolate brownie and rasberries
Kat had..................Lemon sorbet with Nerds and fruit tingles
and Dave and I had.....Choc Mint Ice cream with gummy bears and clinkers

Seriously you need to taste it for yourself...go there get some and tell me what you think.

However, it may also be the true reason for my fat calves.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tunned


Wendy G said...

That's TWICE this week I've heard about this ice cream place! Maybe it's a msg from God that I need to go visit there?????

PS I'm SURE that ice cream doesn't give you fat calves cause otherwise I'd be posting the boot blog myself

Flic said...

Coffee icecream with a Tim Tam. Tastes great! So Em, did the gummy bears go really hard and chewy in the icecream? I was advised never to have the jelly lollies in your icecream when you go to Cold Rock, but by the sound of it they actually tasted good. Have you tried out Trampoline??

Em said...

Hey Flick,

The gummy bears did go hard, but not as hard as I thought, I was actually a little dissapointed when I found out that Dave had chosen gummy bears, but they actually turned out to be really good, so there you go.

And trampoline oh my godness yes, its awesome.

There is also a really good shop called Licks in the city, just near melbourne central, I haven't been there yet, but its supposed to have the best lemon sorbet in town

Anonymous said...

If you are going to criticise my choice of icecream lollies don't eat what i paid for!!!!!