Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Big Boots

As promised another blog,

The other day I went out for lunch with some friends for Dave's birthday. While I was out, a very awkward topic came up in conversation, that being my fat calves (see previous blog on my fat calves). But it was not more depressing news about how I can't get boots that do up higher than my ankles, it was in fact very, very, very exciting news...

I was informed, by my good friend Miriam that apparently I am not the only person in the world that can get boots that fit, and that apparently many ladies in the world are just like me, that can't by boots because of a fat calve epidemic. But there is hope, because of the frequency of this problem, the shoe shop "betts" have brought in special boots especially for people like me...I know can you believe it?

And while I have had a quick look at them, I will defiantly be going to back to see what else is in the range and maybe one day very soon I will have boots. And I thought it would never happen.

But this did get me thinking...If there are soooooo many ladies with apparently "fat calves", is the problem really in the calves, or is it that the boots are too skinny?

Just a thought I had....

stay tuned, I will let know what happens with the boots.


fee said...

it's true em, my friend jodie has the same problem ever winter!

Betho said...

Hey Beautiful,
Your calves are perfect its the boots that are not right-always blame it on the boots!
PS I think ankle boots are going to be the next big thing anyway (think 80's style, pair them with some leggings and a mini skirt or perhaps some tights with shorts over the top) so just buy a pair of them, that way you'll be trendy and your poor calves won't feel trapped.
PS My problem is that my feet are too fat for most shoes! Sometimes even after i've taken the shoe off i get stabbing pains in the sides of my feet!

Anonymous said...

go buy them so this neverending saga will be over please, i'm begging you