Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dumb Computers

Okay here is what I don't get...If computers are sooooo clever, how come they are always needing to be fixed.

Last week while my Dad was over, Mum and Dad did a trading phones episode where mum got dad's old phone because he had a new one. Anyway, during this whole process of swaping info from one phone to the other (which was done through the computer coz dad's old phone was like a palm pilot thing so everything was on the computer) Mum decided that she did want to use Dad's phone coz it was too hard (i don't blame her coz it was also ugly), so then she had to swap everything back on to her phone and palm pilot...but guess what happened? The computer didn't like it and so on Monday morning mum spent 2 hours on the phone to the plam pilot people trying to connect her old palm again because this was no longer working...I know this is very long winded and you probably are getting bored but stay with me I do have a point...Only to be told that they couldn't help because the didn't know and she would have to reboot the whole computer from sratch and to do that she needed to ring dell (the computer company)!

So...for the last 2 days I have been fully backing up all the data on mum's computer so that we didn't lose anything when we rebooted it this afternoon. Anyway this made me think...I told you the point was coming...

Computer are supposed to make life easier right???? The are supposed to be very smart, probably smarter than me, but here is what I don't get...If computers are sooooooooo smart why do they stuff up all the time??? Why can't they save their own stuff? Why can't they remember things that they did like 10seconds ago???

For example...My laptop has recently decided that it will only connect to the internet if it is connected to the power cable....seriously how dumb is that?? I can be sitting in exactly the same spot but if I am not "plugged in" the internet won't work! Dumb.

So I have decieded that computers are dumb and stupid and while I will keep using them everyday, I will continue to get mad at them, I mean seriously whats the point of having a laptop if will only do useful things when it is attached to something???? Maybe it has issues...I don't what the phobia is called but maybe it is scared of not being in a commited relationship (like the one the power cord gives it), or maybe electricty is a drug that my laptop is addicted to...maybe my computer is a junkie???

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.


Flic said...

All I know is that the computer manufacturers only make new computers a little bit better, because then you'll come back sooner to buy a new one. I'm pretty sure they have the capabilities to make a very fast decent computer with very few, if any problems. But they don't. They want your money. They don't care if the quality of the product is nowhere near their best.

Then there is the problem with laptop batteries. Laptops should only be plugged in when they are recharging. Once they are fully charged, you need to let the battery die before you recharge it. If you don't do the above, your batteries die a lot quicker than when you first got your laptop. Too late for me now.

Ahh, but Emma, would you prefer a world without computers?

Em said...

really I never knew that about the batteries, when I got the computer I looked for agaes trying to find that exact info out, but I couldn't, but i guess I don't have a choice anyway, I can't use the internet with out the power, stupid computer

Anonymous said...

Hello Emma, cool blog :) Makes an interesting read. As someone who works with computers all day every day, I can definitely tell you that they're actually incredibly dumb. The problems you're talking are probably not related to the computer so much as the programs on it though, and also clueless tech support people. Most of them don't know much, and if they can't answer your problem will usually handball it onto (or blame) someone else so it isn't their responsibility.

In regards to batteries - that's not entirely right - it really depends on the type of battery...some are fine if you only let them run totally flat once a month or so, and some do need to be run flat every time like Fliss said so that they don't develop a memory though. This is mainly older batteries though.