Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Good Ol' Oldies

The other day I heard the funniest thing in the world (that’s pretty funny). I was driving home, as you do, minding my own business, listening to what has go to be the best drive time radio show in the world, Hamish and Andy, and they were discussing a very funny topic. They were talking about how the other day in parliament, the government declared what were appropriate and inappropriate names to call people while in session and here are the two they okayed...

Pork Chop and...

So this was pretty funny in itself, but then they were saying that they were words that only people of 60 years and above would use and got callers to ring up and tell them what other old people had called them here is just a few...

ungrateful swine,
stupid nincompoop and my personal favourite...
great flaming go-sonk-a-pede

Anyway this got me thinking, as most things seem to do. Old people are great, and I don't think I have noticed, or used this anywhere near enough. Many of you probably don't know but I have a great grandma who is 99 years old, and I tell you what... It only just dawned on me how old that actually is...Seriously it’s really old. Think of it this way, here is some of the stuff that has happened since 1907 when she was born (in no particular order)...

The First Ford Car,
Invention of TV,
World War I,
Invention of Colour TV,
World War II,
The Vietnam War,
Two Olympics in Australia,
The First Movies,
Princess Di and Charles,
Mobile Phones,
Dolly the Cloned Sheep,
The Internet,
The Peak of Albert Einstein’s Carrier,
The impressionists,
When Yo-yos were cool for the very first, second, third and forth time,
The Simpson’s,
The first planes,
Nuclear Bombs,
The Cold war,
Martin Luther King,
Discovery of Bacteria,
Space Travel,
Mickey Mouse,
Bottled Water,
The first climbing of Mt. Everest,
Wireless ANYTHING,
Sept. 11,
The Beetles,
Stolen generation,
Pauline Hanson,

And that’s just the beginning, amazing ey... I should really go and sit down and have a long chat with her, Coz if I leave too late all these amazing memories will be gone. I can't even being to imagine what it would be like to be THAT old, I can't even imagine what it would be like to be in my 30ies... seriously, just try and imagine being that old...werid.

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

yeah, being old sucks wait until your 21 it all goes down hill from there





prostate exams

not understanding what the youth are saying

Not understanding anyone

not being able to stand at all

No one visits you


Anonymous said...

Your grandma is at the last hurdle you better go see her soon because there is only one step left.