Tuesday, November 28, 2006


Okay so let me just tell you bout my day...

This morning I got up knowing that I had to work all day, which sucked, but it was okay because it meant I had more money for Fiji, so I didn't really mind, but little did I know what today actually had in store.

I spent most of the day getting myself ready to say goodbye to my mate Callum, who moved back home to Scotland today (and is conveniently in the photo with me, taken at the airport earlier this evening). So I was already a little sad, well actually a lot sad about it, because I felt like I had just started getting to know him, and then all of a sudden he is gone, which isn't his fault, but its all just a little to fast for me, So Cal, when you read this, remember that we miss yah! No seriously we do.

So anyway, while I was trying to deal with all that, I got a horrible phone call this afternoon telling me that the conference in Fiji has been cancelled and therefore so has our trip (remember coconut boobies??), so I was just shattered. I just can't believe that we aren't going anymore, we were all so excited, its just not fair, stupid coup.

Anyway, so that's my day and here I am sitting here shattered, with a few tears...Fiji is gone and now so is Cal... What will I do?????

Please share any thoughts you have....

Stay tuned.

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fee said...

i have an idea...keep saving your money...there's a country called canada...a city called toronto...even a program called Ignite (www.ignitegapyear.com)...or at the least...maybe an important event that you could attend there next year...???

love you...be home dec 28 til jan 17 - we WILL be hanging out - you WILL have fun with me. love you, miss you.