Thursday, January 11, 2007


Well the title pretty much says it, I hate ants, with a passion!

This summer for no particular reason ants have taken over our house, it doesn't matter how clean it is there is always ants. It doesn't matter how tight the food containers are… there are still flippin ants and I have just about had enough!

I would really like to know what their role in the world is because if it isn't something good, I really think I need to start a mission of wiping them out completely! Don’t you the think the world would be a better place? No ants, imagine that… what are they here for????

Seriously they are sooooooo rude, just because they are hungry doesn’t mean they can just barge into every room of the house and help themselves to all the cupboards, I wouldn’t let a close friend do that let alone something I believe needs to be squashed! But that’s not where they stop, no having free range of the whole entire world isn’t enough then they have to crawl on me. Well don’t even think about it ant, because I have massive can of Pea Beu and you are going down!

If anyone can tell me how to get rid of as many ants as possible as fast as possible I would really like to know!
Oh and by the way the picture isn't from my house, but my house will soon look like this if action against this rediculous movement of ants indoors is not stopped!

The world is such a funny place, but it would be better without ants!


Anonymous said...

Try putting a hill of syrup in one corner then all the ants will be attracted to it.....Then when most of them are enjoying this apparent act of good will just go loco on them and say bye bye ants!!

I dont actually know if this works but i heard it does!!

Worth a go!

Hope your well Em, miss you guys!!

Em said...

Hey you...I like your thinking, maybe if I put the syrup outside, they would all leave anyway. I just have to make sure I cover my tracks so they don't know where the syrup came from, or i could be in even more trouble.

Oh and by the way...we miss you too!

Anonymous said...

there only little, and look at the nice circle they make, what if they are just playing