Saturday, January 06, 2007

No. 50

Yesterday I was able to knock yet another thing off my list, it was only another small one, but it was a list item none the less.

Yesterday on the way home from Matt and Beth’s beautiful wedding (I will leave that to Beth to blog about) Kat and I decided to quench our thirst and refresh our tired and hot bodies with a slurpee, and with Kat as my witness, I promise you that all though you can not see in my cup there is no cola or red. My slurpee is Orange and Mango and lemonade. And while I was a little reluctant at first it was pretty good. So there you go number 50 is gone. Oh and sorry about my bad hair in the photos.

If you wanna get in on my list then you better do it quick smart because there is only 98 to go.


Flic said...

The problem with doing all the little ones first is that by the end of the year you'll only have big ones to do. But you are knocking them off all the same. Got back on that exercise bike yet?

Anonymous said...

I like the weird flavours, lime inperticular, you should try the fruit ones and see how they are.