Saturday, March 03, 2007


Okay so this isn't my 100th blog, its close I think this is blog 80 or something, but thats not the 100 I am talking about. Today I attended a 100th Brithday Party, my Great Grandma's 100th Brirthday party. Thats pretty cool ey? She doesn't actually turn 100 until Monday, but today was her party. She has got letters from the Queen, the Governer, the Premier, the Prime Minister and a few others but I can't remember them all and Kirsty Marshell was there too. I was a really fun day, I thought it might be a bit boring, but it turns out 100th birthday parties are actually pretty cool. I also got to sing and do a duet with my Pa (also known as "special K") which was awesome, its something that I have never done before but I am so glad that I have now!

Anyway I wrote a blog about her a little while ago and the stuff that she would have gone through in 100 years and it is pretty amazing, so have a read. And if you remember have a look in the Herald Sun on Monday coz I think that there should be some pictures of her in there. Happy Birthday Grandma! 100 years and still well and truely kickin!

The world is such a funny place.


Flic said...

Congratulations to your Great Grandma Emma. She doesn't look a day past 80. Was there a cake with 100 candles on it? Did it taste good?

Em said...

Yes it tasted good, but there were only 3 candels a one and two zeros, but oh did it taste good

Anonymous said...

i had the biggest piece of cake, it was a corner piece, it had icing more than an inch thick, i didn't feel so good after i ate that.

And old ladies kept asking me who i was, i just wanted to ask one who they were to see if they remembered their own name.