Monday, March 26, 2007


Wow so its birthday time again, and The first person I need to wish a happy birthday to (even though its late....sorry!) is a person that I love more than I could ever write down, or show. Someone who looks after me, always does whats best for me, even when I don't like it and someone who loves me. Someone who is very wise, but also fun and funny...I feel like I am playing a quiz show....anyway. Its some one that I couldn't live without...

My Mum!

It was her birthday last Wednesday and I was so busy making cakes and buying presents that I forgot to tell the world about it through this blog! So Mum... Happy Birthday for last Wednesday, I hope that you had a great day, and that you aren't too offended that I didn't post this earlier. I love you lots and I couldn't get far with out you!

The second person is some one I have know for a fairly long time, even had a little crush on him when I was younger. But someone who is a gem, and is great to be guessed it...Brad!

Happy 21st Birthday Mate, Hope that they made a big fuss over you at the office today (ha ha ha that sounds so old!) cause you deserve it! Thanks for being my mate!

The world is such a funny place!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Em,

I was actually wondering what you really thought of me. Thank you for all that you said, you almost made me cry. You are very special to me and I love you heaps!