Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Opps...I'm with optus

Don't you just love it when you decided to do something at the last minute because it will be better in the long run, and it just makes everything worse?

Tonight on my way home from uni I decided that I would stop and get some phone credit so that I had it now and didn't have to wait for tomorrow, I also got petrol, so I was able to kill two birds with one stone! But, the thing is when I ordered my credit I said telstra, not thinking much of it I drove home (because I didn't want to use my phone at the servo) and then tried to recharge my phone...but it wasn't working!

So I tried again and again and then after rejecting me 3 times, even the automated answering lady gave up and hung up. So getting a little annoyed I rang her back and it was only then that I finally realised that the I was punching in a 12 digit number instead of the 10 digits it was asking for, so I started looking at the different numbers and could find anything with 10 digits and then I realised that I have an Optus pre-paid phone not a telstra one!

Anyway, it was all a little frustrating and very silly...but in the end Jake used my telstra one and brought an optus one home for me...Thanks Jake.... and at least I put the right petrol in.

The World is such a funny place!

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Dave said...

I'm sorry i made you change, has it beenworth it though, $120 for $30 thats pretty good.