Friday, May 11, 2007

No. 95

A couple of Saturday nights ago i went and watched Melbourne Storm play, something that I had never done before and was a little apprehensive about actually, because while i enjoy watching most sports that I know the rules to, rugby is not something that I have had a great deal of experience with. But I tell you what there was something that they do at the rugby that won me over straight away, seriously no questions asked! After every try scored they had fireworks! I know... how cool is that? Do they do that all the time??? or was it just some special night??? I don't know but it was great, thanks Nessa for the tickets. What topped it off to was that the storm won!

But here is the thing, do you think that I only get sucked into these sports because the first time I watch it the team I randomly chose wins? Over the last little while I have even found myself listening to the NRL section of Sports tonight, which I would have normally used as a chance to go to the loo and clean my teeth before bed. I get sucked in so easily, I sit there watching just in case they say something about Melbourne storm even though I have no idea who the players are or where there from or even what any of the other teams are called, i probably wouldn't even know if they were talking about storm or not, but still I sit there pretending that i know whats going on because of one fateful night when there was fireworks and Storm won.

I guess its the same way my love for V8 racing started, I watch bathurst doing the girlfriend thing and chose Craig Lowndes (Dave's favorite) and fell in love and now I watch every race and am a member of Craig's fan club. Maybe I get sucked in too easily, i don't know. Does this happen to anyone else or just me?

Anyway the point of this blog was to say that I saw fireworks so I could cross it off my list. But to be completely honest I was a little disappointed that Storm would be my fireworks experience because my view was kind of blocked by peoples heads and the roof of the stand. But....On Tuesday night it was Vanessa's (Dave's sister) 18th birthday (happy birthday ness) so to celebrate her birthday we went into crown for tea. It turned out that the 8th of may is also the birthday of crown casino and on Tuesday night it turned they celebrated too. However, crown does things a little bit more extravagantly than most people so they discided to put on a fireworks spectacular and at the resturant that Dave had chosen we had the best seats in the house and I tell you what it was one of the best fireworks displays I have seen in a while. It was almost like the fireworks man had lost control, but it was great!

So there you go number 95 is done, i have seen the fireworks, twice in fact and both because of ness!

The world is such as funny place!

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Dave said...

I think that is a common way for people to start something they usually wouldn't.

It is also the way i started going to the rugby. As a young immature teenager with young immature teenage mates, we used to go to the rugby quite often. The boys didn't know to much about it but they liked the hard knocks. By the end of the season we were all professionals.

It wasn't for the game that we went it was actually for the cheerleaders. We used to wait and hope that the storm would get a try because whenever they did, we got the cheerleaders dancing in front of us. We even knew all the cheerleaders names and they knew ours, they thought we were cute and they came and said hello before the game, and on one occasion got us into the aftermatch party. (I don't think i have ever told Em this story before)

We all have different reasons for gaining interests, some a little more suspect than others.