Saturday, August 12, 2006

And It Shall Be Called....Family Day

Today is a joyous day. Proclaim it from the roof tops,

that's right you heard it here first...Today is a Joyous day! (isn't Joyous a wonderful word).

Today my family is all together once again. Very early this morning, I woke up, I know nothing exciting there, but here is comes, I went into Mums room and guess what.... THERE WAS TWO PEOPLE IN THE BED!!!! (not just one, like the normally is).

At first I was horrified and didn't understand, but then I went closer (in hindsight that probably wasn't the wisest thing that I could have done, but I did it anyway) and it was MY DAD!!!! Now for many of you reading this, who are thinking well that's sounds pretty standard, there is a catch, MY DAD LIVES IN CHINA.

So, naturally, I was very excited, I said "hello", and dad said "oh no, unstable", but this did not put me off in the slightest, because I was the bringer of good news. My good news????

DUSTIN (my brother) IS UP!

Why was this good news, trust me normally its the last thing you want to hear...lets just say dusty doesn't do mornings, but today it was good news because today DUSTY BECAME A MAN, ha ha ha ha, well kinda he turned 18.

Thats right, today shall be called family day because DUSTIN IS 18 and DAD IS HOME, nothing could be better, well...I could be with them and not at work, and poor Jake is home alone, but who's complaining, I am sure they would rather I was here and they were not.

So sing and rejoice, because today we eat cake, Have food thrown at us and Dave wants to eat a big chicken with big breasts.

SING! REJOICE! BE JOYOUS! ( I am aware that I just repeated my self) and go tell it on the mountains, because today is FAMILY DAY.

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Anonymous said...

Very joyous!!!!

I like it when your dad come home because the family is all happy and everything is really good(apart from the fighting for attention, so it gets loud), but you're all crazy when he is over, everyone trys to tell him what has happened in the last 3 months in the space of 20 seconds.

You turn in to a excited 4 year old, because Daddy has come home to play.

Its good i don't have to do anything except stand there and be quite and block my ears because of all the excited shouting, i feel sorry for your dad's eardrums, they come from a silent house in china, to a noisy airport, he's eardarums go through the trauma of airflight, come back to the house with a, lets call them, multicultural taxidriver that can't speak english (as if he hadn't had enough of people that can't understand english), then home to bed for 20 mins and then everyone starts yelling and fighting for attention.

No wonder he lives in china, he hears enough english from your family to last him through the next 3 months.