Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Craig Lowndes 888

There are somethings that I thought I would never do or be, things that are just not "me". Things that I have no desire to do or even watch someone else do. For example I am never going to be a marine sea diver, i just don't want to, I am never going to be a model, I am just not made for it, I am never going to be a painter/builder/bricky in fact I am never going to be a tradie of any kind, its just not me. I am never going to play golf, its the principle of the thing! I am never going to enjoy watching shot 'em up movies, I just don't get them.

But this weekend I have learnt that sometimes you actually like these things that you promise yourself you will never enjoy.

Most of you probably know, actually I take that back, you probably don't know...This weekend was Bathurst weekend. The weekend of the all V8 racing weekends. Why do I know this? Well Dave is a Ford man, through and through and in order to understand him more I have been learning all these useless little facts about Fords and Ford drivers, anyway he was really excited about Bathurst this weekend so I thought I would learn a few more facts...This is what I got...

Craig Lowndes, 888 (said triple 8, not 8 8 8 apparently), partner Jamie Wincup, starting in position 6, drives for Beta electrical in a BA ford falcon. 161 laps, 1000km.

I know I am amazing! And at first i just started realing these little facts when promted to make dave happy, but then we watched the race, something I promised myself I WOULD NEVER DO, just because I am a girl and girls aren't supposed to like car racing! But heres what the werid bit was, I actually enjoyed it, I think that there is definatly a little petrol head in me! I don't whether it was because Craig Lowndes won for the first time in 10years, or whether it was because it was Ford first Bathurst victory in 7years or because it was just a really werid race? I don't know, but I liked it and I got excited when it got close and was really happy when Craig won.

I made me think, if I can enjoy and even like V8 car racing, maybe I can enjoy a lot of things, i just have to give it a go. I am actually hanging out to see another one, but don't tell davo! Maybe I could be a female Craig lowndes or aren't girls allowed to play like in footy?

Just a thought I had.

Stay tuned.

...Go Ford!


Anonymous said...

This must be a sign of true love Em!!!!!
You petrol head you!

Anonymous said...

Well actually if you wants some more facts to memorise:

over the last 28 years of bathurst
58 ladies have taken on the boys in the great race.

the most women in one race was 6 in 1969.

best result for a woman was 6th in 1975

best result for a all woman team, 11th in 1998, which was Kerryn Brewer and Melinda Price, but they drove a Holden so you can't expect a top 10 in a holden.

So if you want to be a racer, there is precident for it.

you never know you may end up racing with craig 'monobrow' Lowdes or if his eyebrowes are to mono for you, you could always try to get in with the more attractive Jamie 'won the cup' Wincup.

but you must race for Ford or this relationship is over.

We could call you Emma 'i don't like car racing' Lewis.

Em said...

but I do like Car racing! maybe we should try "Emma 'please don't let me crash again' Lewis" I think that would be much more fitting

Darren Hailes said...

Yo. Talk about surprising! I had the same experience, too. I worked at the F1 Grand Prix for some extra cash one year and couldn't believe how much I loved it! I know I'm a band wagon guy at the best of times, but I still talk about how much I love the F1s and even thought about taking a trip to Montreal next year to catch the action!

Anonymous said...

Surely it's time for you to post again.

Flic said...

Okay, it's official, Emma has abandoned her blog. Will she ever return to post again?