Thursday, November 02, 2006

Rain On

Okay so this is just a quick blog to say that I love the rain,

I am sitting in my study at home right in front of the window, trying to study when this massive thunder storm comes along, and while it does make me a little scared and uncomfortable (because lets face it, deep down inside I am a two year old child), it also just makes me realise how powerful God is and I love it. He does some pretty awesome things with nature that we just take for granted and often get mad at, but today I am just enjoying it and saying good work God.

It has been raining a day and I have thoroughly enjoyed the sound of it on the window, but there is nothing better to watch (provided that you are inside of course) than when the heavens open up and the rain pours down, along with the massive sound of thunder and the crack of lightning!

The other brilliant thing about rain is it soooo refreshing, and it does make me feel a little bit better about being stuck inside studying. So I say rain on,

Just a thought I had…

Stay tuned.


Flic said...

You stole my blog topic!! Well I suppose you did put a slightly different spin on it. But the bottom line is....rain is great particularly when one is stuck inside studying.

Keep up the study. The end is in sight.

Anonymous said...

I like rain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah rain is preety good it washes everything nicely if it is had enough, rain just cools the world down, i get thursty after a game of basketball and usually come home and polish off the 2 letre water bottle we have in the fridge, i think the earth gets thursty sometimes and says can i have a big drink now, i'v worked hard and God says 'yes my creation, whith you i am well pleased, you my drink' and thats what happens.

Brad, i'm glad you like rain.