Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Oscar is my dog, and he has been in my life for 12 years, since I was 7, and I can't really remember a time when he wasn't around, but this morning that all changed, because this morning we had to have him put down.
He has been sick for quite a while now, but over the last week he has gotten much worse, and the vet said he only really had about 2 months left to live regardless of what we did, but we did have the option of giving him some meds which would have made him last a little longer, but it also brought with it a lost of other complications that wouldn't have made his last days undignified or uncomfortable. So last night, my mum, my brothers, my dad and I had to make the hard decision as to what to do. We decided that so he left the world not in pain and happy we needed to put him down, and that's what happened this morning.

I tell you what though its the hardest decision I have ever made, and I am still not sure whether I did the right thing, but I know that he is in heaven now and that I will see him again.

Anyway, I just wanted to put this blog up, to share with you all what he means to me and what I will here is a little bit about him...

Oscar was a funny old dog, and most of his life was spent on a dog bed in fear of what would happen to him if he moved. He was scared of thunder, but with anything else, even though he was small, he would try and protect you. He was very indecisive and was never quite sure whether he wanted to be inside or out. He also had very bad breath and there was nothing we could do about it. But he was also very loyal and friendly and even though we picked on him a little I will miss him more than I ever imagined I would, because it just won't be the same with out him. I loved him stacks and I know I will see him soon, but I just wish he didn't have to go sooooooo fast.

The world is such a funny place!


Anonymous said...

i will miss him too, he was smelly but he was always very affectionate, it was just us that didn't want to be affectionate back,

I had a chat to him last night when there was no one else around and i told him about Heaven and that God will be the best friend he will ever have,

I don't know whether this is ok to say, but i think the 'DOG' of the lewis house was much like 'GOD' in some ways, he was always there wanting to be you friend.

So Oscar is gone but he is in heaven with God, and i will miss him.

R.I.P. Oz

Say hi to God for me.

Anonymous said...

That was a beautiful blog Em, I know you will miss Oscar, but I know we did what was best for him. The house is so quiet without him, (not that he made much noise anyway, compared to some dogs.) It was an awful decision to make and I want to thank you for helping me with it. It's not one that I want to have to make again for a very long time.

We need to remember all the good times we had with him and know that he is at peace now.

Thanks again for your support!

Love Mum

Anonymous said...

After such a heartfelt and emotional post, I'm not sure 'The world is such a funny place' was the appropriate sign out. But good on ya for sticking with it!
I am saddened to hear about your loss. It reminds me of when my cat had to be put down at age 16.
RIP Kitty
RIP Oscar