Saturday, April 28, 2007


I have another one of those puzzling questions for you today....What exactly does RSVP stand for? Its something that we do quite often to all kinds of dinners, parties and events, but what are we actually doing when we RSVP? I know that we are letting someone know whether we are coming of not, but does RSVP actually stand for something? or does it actually have nothing to do with telling someone whether you can come or not and just happens to the phrase we use? I don't know but I would like to so if you know, rsvp and tell me!


Anonymous said...

Hey Em!

If I'm correct, RSVP is actually a french abbreviation...

It stands for 'Reserve Si Vous Plait' (there are accents that are meant to be there, but I can't do them on blogger). Basically asking you to please reserve your place at whatever party or function.

Love M

Dave said...

ohh, everyone look at the frenchie!