Thursday, April 26, 2007

Lest We Forget

Yesterday was ANZAC day, and like always I spent yesterday like every other day of my life, busily doing things just so they were done and I could move on to the next task, so much so yesterday that I almost missed ANZAC day completely...i knew it was ANZAC day, but I was so caught up in my own world it wasn't until i was watching Big Brother during tea that I actually realised the weight of the day.

How in big brother you might ask? Well big brother made the housemates participate in a dawn service after they were woken by the sounding of the last post. I almost felt guilty that I not yet stopped and paid my respects to those that had fallen so that I could be free. I am so lucky to be living in a country where I am free from opression, and I am even able to fly through a day like yesterday.

But it also reminds that there is always a price for freedom, a price of life, of a limb, of sainity, of love. I guess its true spiritually too though, because our spritual freedom was also brought with a life, that of Jesus.
So thanks for giving me this freedom...lest we forget!


Dave said...

thats a good blog Em, i am glad you did at least realise what it was about and that much like what Jesus did, these brave men and women (some younger and less mature than even you) laid down their life for us and our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Hey Em,

I liked the blog too... although, I have a question.. isn't it 'Lest We Forget'?

Em said...

opps, problem fixed