Monday, April 30, 2007

The Update of Updates

The update you’ve all been waiting for…

So here is after almost 2 months of silence the update of the magical list is finally here…its almost as exciting as the next instalment of Harry Potter…actually its better.

So as much as I would love to tell you everything had gone perfectly according to plan, it hasn’t and some of my tasks have failed. I know and its only April. Manly the everyday ones…

1. Exercise regularly…As to this date I still have not started exercising regularly because Monday night basketball probably just doesn’t cut it.

2 and 3. Keep up to date with things I have due at uni and church…I have kept fairly up to date with things due at church, but poor uni has fallen by the wayside for another semester, while nothing has been handed in late, everything has been done at the last minute, including the one that I was up until 2:45am last week trying to finish!

4. Be on time…I have been much more punctual, well I think I have anyway, but maybe you should ask Dave (who, I should add, had finally fixed up his blog), or flic (who has abandoned her blog to play with her favourite child…myspace)…

5. Chocolate…well…what can I say…opps, Easter was good?

6. Learn Guitar…I now know 4 chords on the guitar…A, D, E and Em

8. Wash my car by myself…the verdict is still not in on whether this counts…

13. Not let Dave get sick…well this one is stuffed coz he had his tonsils out in Feb, I didn’t even get a chance, maybe now that they are gone!

15. Clean out my cupboard and actually through stuff out…A few weeks ago, I was sick so I didn’t go to work on a Saturday and I used the day to go through my cupboard…its amazing, and this is the pile for stuff to go…if you see anything you like…wink wink…its still on my floor because it hasn’t made it out yet, but it is going!

18. Say No to a job I don’t have time to do, even if I want the job…well I am not a cell leader this year, and even though I miss it, I know that I am better off, and that the girls I would have had now have someone that can give them all the time that they deserve.

26. Get a CD stacker for my car…well it turns out my beautiful car just isn’t meant to have a Stacker, mum and davo looked into getting my one for my birthday, but its all just a little too hard, so they went one step better…even though it doesn’t have music, I now have a GPS system for my car…very cool indeed!

38. Go on a boat… well I have been on stacks and by stacks I mean 2, one to the great barrier reef and the other to Whitehaven beach (which we didn’t end up making it too, it’s a long story)

46. Drink a bottle of water everyday… I haven’t done and I have no excuse

49. Play Dark Zone…Well it wasn’t called Dark Zone but it was the same kinda thing, it was just in the country, Castlemaine to be exact, but there were lasers and

57. Read 5 books from Dad’s Library… well I have read 4 and I am onto my 5th , turns out they are not half bad

77. Try to understand what “negative gearing” means for tax purposes…this is what I think it is, its when your business costs you more than it is earning you, so that you still get money back in Tax, even though the money hasn’t been earned back
83. Go to 24 hour K-mart between the hours of 1-3 am…Its done, and even though Dave wouldn’t take me, Kirsten and Pheebs came with me and we got some photos done. I tell you what though, it doesn’t matter when you go there its always busy.

92. Read/listen to my bible everyday…its like the water, no excuse
97. Not shave my legs, just emjoi...well this one was going great guns, that was of course untill my poor old emjoi packed up, so for now its back to the shaver, until i get a new emjoi!
100. Win an award...well I did, but its heaps nerdy, i got into some special club for the top 15% of uni students it called the golden key or something...I don't know what it is really but its an award none the less, but I would still like to win a less dorky one!

So there you go thats where the list is at...hopefully I will be able to keep to more up to date with the list from now on! Sorry its taken so long

The world is such a funny place!


Dave said...

it's getting there, keep trying, i don't think the Emma Street one is going to make it in time.

Flic said...

I would just like to confirm that Em is definitely more punctual in regards to uni. On the 3 days that we actually see eachother at uni, Em is usually on time on 2 out of the 3 days. Good effort Emma. Keep up the good work.