Wednesday, May 30, 2007

100 blogs of fun!

Wow can you believe it??? This is my 100th blog! I know 100! I am so surprised I had than much stuff worth writing and it’s almost a year since I the blog became into being!

And it's exciting too because this 100th brings the tale of a fantastic day! Today was my last day of uni for semester 1 of my 3rd year, and I tell you what it seems to have flown by, it feels like only yesterday that I met the girls that are the main feature of this blog, but I have known them for 3 years and they still hang out with me, so I must have picked some winners!

Anyway, Wednesdays are normally our long days but with no assignments or tutes we decided that we would use the day to eat at Einstein’s (the on student association restaurant) which we had been talking about doing pretty much since day one! But as our first lecture at 9am was done by 9:30 we had a lot of time to kill before our 3pm lecture. So we decided that we would go to the Emma court in Mt Waverley because it was nice and close and then come back for lunch! So Elise, Claire, Flic and I found Emma Court in Mt. Waverley with the help of Karen (my GPS), which I think was the highlight of Claire's day! Then we went back for lunch, which was quite enjoyable.

But we still had 2 hours so we decided that Karen could get us to another Emma Street in that time so we headed off again, this time out to Ferntree Gully! So that was two streets crossed of my list, but that’s not where the fun stoped we also decided that on the way home we should stop at cold rock and knock no. 62... Try licorish ice cream off the list! Which I can now tell you first hand, tastes very much like licorish and is not recommended to anyone!

But I tell you what today was a really good day, the adventure were very funny, and nothing beats a good meal and ice cream! I am very lucky to have friends like these guys at uni...i probably wouldn't have made it to the end of 1st semester let a lone 1st semester 3rd year without them! They are very fun girls and I love them to bits and I am very much looking forward to carving up the dance floor (or something that vaguely resembles that) on Saturday night! Thanks for keeping me sain girls!

The World is such a funny place!


Flic said...

Someone took some nice photos there Emma. ;)

Talk to you ridiculously soon.

Luv ya lots,
Flic xoxo

Dave said...

Good blog, well done on 100.

I'm glad you have friends at Uni it would make life a whole lot more fun.