Monday, June 04, 2007


Ok, so lets just get these basic facts right, I don’t really like driving and when I do I am not very good at it. Anyway, on Saturday night my driving ability was really stretched…I was going to a 21st and I was the driver for 2 of my uni mates, which was all well and good, but the party was in Altona meadows.

Now being brought up in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, my knowledge of the western suburbs is somewhat limited and distorted. So much so that when I thought of travelling out there I wasn’t sure if I would be safe, if I would have my car stolen or really what would happen… but I was very pleasantly surprised, it was nice and quiet, nothing really that different from my own street, every thing was pretty normal and I was almost shocked! Don’t you think it is funny though, that its so easy to judge and area and a lifestyle before you have even been there or seen it? I know I had, but I was so wrong…mind you, the people at the party kept asking us if we had been mugged yet, or if we remember to lock our doors, because they were obviously aware of what people thought of their home!

Anyway, that wasn’t really the point of the blog, all I really wanted to say that I was sooooooo impressed with my driving skills, because I don’t think I had actually driven myself on most of the roads we used and I had to. And after a little bit of panic I even went through both tunnels! I am amazing I know! Anyway…I pretty much just wanted to say that I am the best and with Karen (my GPS) I can drive anywhere…she has empowered me and the spaceship saab to see more of the world!

Oh and I should also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY Elise…as it was her 21st!

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Dave said...

you might be a bit ahead of yourself suggesting you could drive anywhere, but i am glad you did it, and i still would be locking my car even in the Eastern suburbs.