Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Yesterday I had my first day as a student dietitian in a hospital, just for lectures so I didn't have to do anything, except for listen of course, but it was all very new and exciting, I felt very out of place but enjoyed imagining what it would be like to work there, catch the train in and work in the very busy and important looking building that makes St Vincents what it is. I was a little bit disappointed though, as it appears that ALL the good looking doctors work for Seattle Grace, and there are none left for the hospitals in Melbourne!

Anyway, we were in the inwards part of the hospital, so all day we saw people with various diseases and injuries going in and out of the hospital, some just to enjoy the fresh air for a little while, but some to go home with friends and family. While I was there I rediscovered just how much I love to watch people, they are so fascinating, each with a very different story and all doing such weird and wonderful things, but there was one thing that I saw a few times that I just didn't understand, smoking!

Seriously everyone knows smoking is bad for you, and yes its addictive, but if you were in hospital with some sort of severe illness don't you think that the last thing on your mind would be having a ciggy? I just don't understand why patients are even allowed to go out for smokos, it just destroys everything that the doctor is trying to do. The number of people I saw outside the front of the hospital with an IV drip attached to one arm and a cigarette to the other was ridiculous, what made it worse was the number of people I saw two or three times!

I guess what I don't understand is that even though it stuffs up everything in your body, people keep doing it, even when there body is starting crumble and even dying. But it made me think that even though I don't smoke, I still sin, and that is killing me on the inside every time, but I can't stop, maybe that the same thing in my life...I don't know just a thought, but seriously if you smoke...stop, its really not good for you!

Just a thought I had...

Stay tuned.


Dave said...

sounds like fun, they are trying to ban smoking in cars now, it won't be too long before smoking goes all together.

fee said...

hey my love. hope you are really really well. i miss you. i love to people watch too!!!!