Friday, August 11, 2006

The Search for the Greatest Hot Chocolate

Recently at Uni...well actually all over has been very cold, and this I believe has increased my need for hot chocolate, because lets face it, there is nothing better on a cold day then a nice hot chocolate. Its like hot chocolate was made for those kind of days.

Anyway...The is an abundance of cafe's at uni, all of which sell Hot Chocolate, so Flick and I have made it our mission to find the best one...Now it isn't just taste that we are after, (well I haven't actually gone over these conditions with Flick, but I am sure that she will agree), there are many things that need to go into this hot chocolate...okay so here is what I have got so far....

1. The Hot Chocolate must be hot, (seems silly but you would be supprised)
2. The Hot Chocolate must have froth. (the more the better generally, but you do want some liquid in there too.
3. The Hot Chocolate must not be too expensive
4. The Hot Chocolate must leave you satisfied, not wanting for something else, not feeling sick, which can happen.
5. The Hot Chocolate needs to taste great. (thats probably the most important)

Anyway, we think we may habe found the best one at uni, but we will need to do some clarifing this week, but I want to put it out to you...

Where do you get the best Hot Chocolate in melbourne??? Do you make the best Hot Chocolate in Melbourne???? Seriously I want to know??

I know someone out there knows

Just a thought I had...

Stay Tunned.


Anonymous said...

i thought you weren't having chocolate. or is this liquard so it makes it ok.

Flic said...

Just to let you know, your Hot Chocolate hunting buddy completely agrees with your guidelines for the best Hot Chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Surely Millsy makes the best hot chocolates down in Cafe Salvo..

P.S. Thanks for getting rid of that letter thing.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i'll go with mills' they have those special cris-cross choc on top.

Anonymous said...

Hey Em,

I'm constantly on my own 'Best Of' search for Hot Chocolates and Ice-Cream/Gelati!

Here are the best Hot Chocolates I've found:
1. Cafe Salvo a la Millsy
2. Max Brenner's (QV)
3. Xocolatl (123 Mailing Road, Canterbury)
4. Koko Black

I'll have to take you soon!

Wendy G said...

My vote is for Hahndorf's in Riversdale Rd at Wattle Park . . . . it's a couple of hundred yards up from the Wattle Park tram terminus (wish I knew the address) and their couverture hot chocolate is really very very good (and you get a free hand made chocolate with every hot drink you buy!)

Anonymous said...

Yep, Wendy is onto a good thing. I've had that hot chocolate too!